Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The last word from this perch

I'll be shutting the computer down and putting it in a box in a few hours, one of my very last acts in this house before handing it over to its new owners. My email address will be changing when we get our new ISP in North Carolina--my current account will be disconnected on Friday the 19th. If you have any comments or last-minute counsel, please try to send them before 3 pm EST or they may be lost forever.....

At a time like this I can say nothing better than what I said in 1973, when I wrote a song upon departing Boston to begin my Peace Corps career. Maybe someday you'll hear it, but the words are what counts.

See you in North Carolina!


One more walk down the road,
One more tear, one more load.
One more page to be turned,
New lives and loves with new ways to be learned
So let's all have one more toast to the past,
One more hand for the cast.
And then I'll be gone with the break of day.
When more has played out, we'll find the way
Back to each other.
The music goes on.

I'm not perfect, I know,
Now too fast, now too slow.
But love has filled all I've done,
And I know this time I've lost much less than I've won.
I know they say, "Out of sight, out of mind,"
But I hope you know that I was never that kind.
I'll take all that comes, I'm bound to explore,
I'll fly to the moon and maybe much more,
And you'll still be with me;
The music goes on.

So bring out the bottles and empty the jars,
For I know right now wherever we are,
We'll still hear the laughter.
The music goes on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ralph,

Best wishes on your new adventure. I hope you love North Carolina and that it loves you back. I also hope it isn't too long before your blog is up and running again. I'll miss visiting.

Regards - Linda in Chapel Hill

Mim said...

Nice words to end this leg of your journey.
I for one will be waiting to hear about your move and new place in NC and looking forward to your blog to be up and running once again.
Happy trails....

Ralph said...

Linda, thanks once again for your encouragement and kind words throughout this long process.

Ralph said...

Mim, it's been so great getting to know you here in the blogosphere. I'm sure I'll have plenty to talk about once we're re-settled and starting on the next leg of the transition. Hope all's well with you.

Jeff said...

It's all comings, and goings, and coming back again, Ralph.

Hope to see you up and running sooner rather than later!

My best wishes to you in the new location, new life, and new adventures!

- J.

Ralph said...

Be back atcha soon, I hope, Jeff. Thanks.

Pete said...

I enjoy the blog, the music, the food, the attitude. Good luck on your new perch.

Ralph said...

Thank you, Pete! Glad and flattered you like the vibe here.

nan said...

Ralph- Journey on and we'll be in touch when you get settled into your new place. We'll miss you in the absence and I wish you a smooth and safe transition!!