Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coasting, and on a roll

We continue to bask in relative relaxation these days as the countdown to moving day continues. Today we will work a little bit. We're renting a truck to retrieve the roomful of boxes we took to my sister's house a couple of months ago so they can be here for the truck. A little exercise. That's a good thing.

A couple of other good things have also happened for a change. We had a meeting with Steve's financial advisor yesterday and learned that Steve's retirement account is actually in better shape than we thought it was, meaning a higher combined monthly income. Every penny helps! And the really big news: a bi-partisan committee in Congress is set to vote next month on a bill that would, among other things, allow domestic partners of federal retirees (that would be Steve) access to those retirees' health benefits (those would be mine), and it is expected to pass! That is just about the best news we've had in nearly 30 years.

And so timely, with Steve's work insurance ending this month. It's as if my exhortations to America to start treating us like humans are finally being heard. Well, mine and thousands of others.



Mim said...

Following your daily adventures but not posting or on internet too much as outside is beckoning me.
Yippee on the benefits passing.. I have no idea how that must feel...excitement relief and celebrating soon!

splendid said...

I am very happy for us all!

"I've got to admit it's getting better
A little better all the time
I have to admit it's getting better."

Ralph said...

Splendid, that's a perfect lyric. Thanks for pinch-hitting for me today--didn't have time to post any songs.

Ralph said...

Yes, Mim the deal on the health insurance will be just incredible if and when it happens. Those in the know seem to be optimistic....

Anonymous said...

I often wondered why my supplemental VA health benefits excluded my wife. My bypass operation killed off any hope to renew Blue Cross/Blue Shield so I had to switch to the VA 100% which is fine, it's an entitlement. But then to AARP for Ann so she would have coverage till she turned 65. But it would have made life much easier if the VA benefits included her. She basically went a year and a half with only emergency medical. We paid her Rx through the nose. That was a premium unto itself. Glad the Congress is finally waking up. It's too late for us but I wonder if that also includes VA benefits to spouses. Do you know Ralph?

Ralph said...

I was surprised at that insurance situation, Z&M, so I googled a bit--looks like CHAMP VA covers spouses and children of vets who are permanently disabled as a result of their service, but that's about it. Looks like VA benefits are only for vets. It's different from the civilian employee insurance benefits I'm talking about and probably has different, VA-specific rules.