Monday, June 15, 2009

Final Days

It really is just about over for us here on 12th Street. The party Saturday was as wonderful as we had hoped. It started as scheduled in the afternoon, and then went on until midnight as our closest neighbors moved themselves from the back yard to the front porch for one last get together in that grand spot where so many fine times have been had before. We laughed so much, reliving the legends. The prank phone calls. The shopping basket that would mysteriously show up in peoples' living rooms. Stories of the incomparable Brian, who no longer lives here and couldn't be with us but whose ears must have been burning as we remembered story after story about his shenanigans. A lot of love came our way Saturday, and far from sad, I leave this place with the knowledge that our friends will be with us no matter where we happen to live. Life will go on as it always does and we will make new friends, of course, but they will merely add to our wealth, not substitute for anyone.

Yesterday we packed the kitchen. This week, we're eating breakfast and lunch out of the fridge on picnic supplies left over from the party; we'll be eating out or carrying in for dinner.

I'll see you one last time from this perch on Wednesday.


Linda - SE PA said...

Hi Ralph,

Well, moving closer to the end of one transition - taking a short one of the actual move and settling in - and then - the next phase - watching the dream home being built. It has been an interesting journey to share in.

Congrats and best wishes for a smooth walk for the next leg of your journey.

Your commentary for today was wonderful - I had a sense of being on the porch and hearing the laughter and shared memories. It is true that while there is the poignancy of the move, that having a party as you did, puts everything in a better place. I find some type of closure a good dose of medicine.

So, I close my comments for today and wish you a good journey (in case I don't get the chance to comment before you unplug for awhile).

I remained tuned in for the next phase of the adventure.

Ralph said...

Linda, you've been a great friend through all of this, with so many helpful suggestions from someone who's been there and done it. Everything from wallpaper removal (remember that?! Seems like years ago!) to rentals....I hope from here on out it it'll just be "up a lazy river..."

Peggy said...

Well, it sounds like you had such a lovely day enjoying it with your friends. I'm hoping all goes well for you with the move. Will anxiously await hearing (reading) all about it. Nothing but the best is wished for you!

Ralph said...

Peggy my dear, thanks so luch to both you and Mark for your encouragement. Like Mark, I'm amazed that anybody cares, and grateful they do. Stay tuned.

Jenny said...

Good luck with your move! Glad you had a great farewell party. I liked the Proust madeleine reference on your FB page today--every French major knows it well. I think you'll experience a lot of memory triggers like that. As Dr.Seus say, "Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened." Hope that's your attitude as you close this chapter.

Ralph said...

Jenny, the Seuss wish is as close as it gets to describing how I'm feeling these days. I'd never seen it, so thanks for showing it to me.

Onward and downward (south, that is!)