Thursday, June 11, 2009

A good excuse: preparing for some changes

One thing led to another on the computer this morning, one of the very few I will have left for a while to sit here and let the ether muse drag me hither and yon to places unknown. First I opened Itunes. For the umpteenth time, "Genius" started to gather information about my library so it could make recommendations on music I don't have but would probably like. Unlike all other times, when I stopped the process in revolt against Big Brother Apple examining my stuff for marketing purposes, I let it go this time.

Lo and behold, it came up with stuff of which I'm ashamed to admit I was completely ignorant. (Or maybe had mentally filed away for future reference so effectively that I had forgotten about it.) I sampled the music and loved it, of course, and wanted to buy it.

Then began the rationalizing process for spending the money. It didn't take long to come up with a good excuse. These are the last few days I will be able to enjoy internet speeds measured in the "megas" instead of the "kilos." In the remote corner of North Carolina that will soon be our home, internet and TV cabling have not been priorities for counties with villages teens of miles from each other. Our houses, both the rental and the one about to be built, will be festooned with at least two satellite dishes, one for TV and another for internet service. Neighbors in Deep Creek Shores, our little development at the end of a 12-mile road, tell us that TV reception is great, includes HD and a DVR box and everything, just like we have here with love/hate Comcast. But internet will we much slower than what we have become accustomed to, and my hours spent in front of the computer may be filled with just downloading rather than enjoying the fruits of it. And just for internet, not counting TV or phone, we will be paying $70 a month for the privilege! Who said things were cheaper in the sticks? To communicate with the outside world, we will be paying substantially more for less service. Mais c'est la vie. That's apparently what we've signed up for. We'll make up for it with lower taxes. (We hope!)

So I bought two albums. I'll be sharing the fruits those purchases today and tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

"lower taxes" . . . Ralph, Please! I can't stop laughing.

Ralph said...

Well, we can hope, Z&M. Values and rates have to be lower than here, anyway.