Monday, October 6, 2008

A busy Monday

You'd never guess it from the way it looks now, but the sun is supposed to come out sometime today and get us to a temperature in the 70s. Right now it's chilly and overcast. We've had some very necessary rain in the past few of days, and between that, the cooler temperatures, and the most recent ministrations of Lawn Doctor, the grass needs cutting. That's on my list for the day. We have friends coming for dinner (fried chicken), so I need to get stuff for that, and I need to pack a box or two to empty my mother's big desk, which we'll be moving out of the living room to a storage facility in Delaware. The desk is a pretty piece of furniture, but it won't show well because it doesn't quite look at home in the room. (Always thinking about staging the house!)

Our garage is now full to bursting with boxes and furniture we've moved out of the house to show it. We'll be renting a truck for the trip to Delaware Thursday, moving all that stuff to storage. Then we can tackle emptying the garage--which has functioned as an attic over the years. What a job that will be! (And of course, painting will be starting up again soon. The room from which I entertain you with these words is next.)

So there you have it. Busy, busy! Hope your Monday is/was splendid.


Anonymous said...

Pouring down rain here and God I'm glad I don't have your to do list this week. Although I could go for the fried chicken now that I eat like a horse 5 times daily. Been doing a ton of pasta for some reason, seasoned with red pepper flakes, lots of garlic bread. I'm trying to get back the 27 lbs I lost from surgery. Good luck on your move, keep us bloggers in the loop.

Ralph said...

Z&M: Mmmm....pasta with garlic and pepper!

That to-do list is just for today! Just finished with the grass. Now: shopping for dinner.

Cuidado said...

Mine was splendid. First day off work and visits from four women traveling from Australia (2), Colorado and Summerside, PEI. It's cold though, only 10 celcius or 50 ferenheit.