Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We haven't even had much of a leaf-fall yet and it's already blustery and winter-like outside, with rain falling out of skies that don't seem in the mood for clearing any time soon. It's a good day to stay inside and busy myself here, which I can do, as I extend house cleaning to a multi-day project. (No sense breaking my back doing a job that will just have to be done again in two weeks.)

I've never really minded a little bit of rain. When I was a kid, inclement weather outside always meant feeling snug and warm inside. The very unpleasantness of what you could see happening on the other side of the window pane made you happy and grateful for what you had to protect you from it. I still feel that way, but there's a different quality to that comfortable feeling now that I am responsible for it. As a kid, I had literally not a worry in the world. I remember that sensation, sometimes with longing. But longing gets you nowhere, and full-fledged adulthood brings too many joys, along with its responsibilities and occasional heartaches, for me to waste too much time on regret. Life, with its sunshine, rain, and everything else in between, is the only gift that any of us ever gets. Even at that, it's just a temporary arrangement.

And so I'll charge ahead, making an effort to remember to be grateful for every speck of street grime that demands I sweep it away. Whoever thinks life isn't full of challenges just isn't looking in the right places.


Zoey & Me said...

I like to stay busy and my job keeps me jumpin but gotta admit that on rainy days I take time out. It heals me mentally.

Linda - from SE PA said...

Often I enjoy a rainy day, especially if I can stay indoors, curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. When I lived on LI in the cottage, the rain on the roof was a comfort when I was snuggled in bed. Sometimes it would lull me to sleep.

Rainy days at work always signalled a "lets clean up the desk". A "keep busy" day. Somehow, at home, it hasn't signalled that. Mmm..

And by the by, it is snowing a wet snow here.

Ralph said...

Linda, I chuckled at that part about not being inspired to tidy up at home on a rainy day like in the office. The only reason I'm doing it today is because company's coming. If it weren't for occasional company this place would be sorry indeed....

That wet snow can just stay up there, thanks. I'm not in the mood for that yet!

Peewit said...

Ralph, would you beleive it's snowing in the U.K. tonight. It is rare for snow to fall this early in the year here see the following post I've just found
Having said that I don't remember snow 12 years ago!

Ralph said...

Peewit, as Linda says above, it snowed today in Pennsylvania, too, and that's just a couple of hours north of us! I've been hearing rumors of a rough winter this year because "we're due one." There must be a more scientific reason than that, but, it has been warmish here these past few years.