Saturday, October 4, 2008

LP Update

I've finished my inventory. You'll all be relieved to know that of 318 albums, I decided I couldn't do without 134 of them. Eighty-four will go out on Ebay.

The ones I'm keeping are a lot of comedy albums (vintage Lily Tomlin, Phyllis Diller and Jonathan Winters), all the Carly Simons (I surprised myself with that one!) all the Randy Newmans, all the Jim Kweskins, all the Moody Blues, and many, many, one-offs that were minor when I bought them, I still love, and I know they'll never be re-released as CDs. (Ever hear of Dory Previn? She was André's wife until Mia Farrow, a sylph, virtually fragility incarnate at the time, came along and wrecked the Previn home in 1970. Dory's catharsis was a series of bitterly angry, sarcastic, funny and musical songs. What started out as a rich LA woman's vanity project turned into a career that lasted a good part of a decade. But Dory Previn is gone with the bellbottoms along with her music. I couldn't let those albums go.) (Soon enough Frank Sinatra came along and turned Mia's head--and then of course there was Woody Allen, but those are different stories....)

So dear friends please don't worry. You all made good, heartfelt points--your comments came in as I was tossing albums this way and that. I'm still stuck with my quandary: What am I going to do with these things?!
But I'll figure it out.

Yoo betcha!!


im6 said...

Ah, but Dory Previn IS available on CD. I recently got "Mythical Kings & Iguanas" and "Reflections in a Mud Puddle" on a 2-for-1 CD. Several others are in release also. It's comforting to know she hasn't been completely forgotten (There are probably precious few of us who knew of her to begin with).

Ralph said...

Now that's news, im6! Off to Amazon I go....

Marchbanks said...

Only 318 LPs? Ye gods and little fishes, I wouldn't know what to do with that few! I catalogued my collection over the past year (it's online, if you're curious; go here to see it), and I'm still adding--I go to used record stores and to a regional chain called Half Price Books, and raid the vintage LPs that mostly came from people like you clearing out their collections, at anything from ninety-eight cents (got Roy Book Binder's second album that way recently) to astronomical sums like $7.98.

Ralph said...

Marchbanks, I'm becoming the same kind of collector but of mp3s, off of the music blogs I list on the blog. Next step for you is to start your own site! I get these things digitized one way or another.

If you're interested in my inventory email me and let me know. Anything you're interested in is yours for s&h.

Marchbanks said...

Ralph, I'm certainly interested in hearing what you want to let go of, and might well like to relieve you of some of 'em. Email sam {at} curmudgn {dot} net.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ralph,

What a sense of relief?

My suggestion for the "keepers" is to take a good stay-in-the-house weekend and start recording. This will help if this concern crops up when the actual move or as the house design work moves forward. Next, you will have favorite music on MP's or CD's and not have to worry about LP conditions.

It might turn out to be the best of both musical choice worlds.


PS - Had I not been late for the barn sale, I would never have let those records go for $40! What can you say when you arrive and you are handed $40 with a huge smile and someone says - "we sold the entire lot".

Ralph said...

Linda, I've really been chomping at the bit to get that transfer process started, but I need some technical help with it. An e-friend from the blog sent detailed instructions--it can all be done with any turntable, Radio Shack connections and freeware, but I was stymied at the start by never being able to get any sound out of my computer's speakers, an indication that despite my best efforts nothing was being delivered to be endoded. If Steve ever has the time, I want him to look at it (he's pretty good at this stuff), but he has so many other bigger projects I kind of hate to lay this one on him. I'll figure it out.

Ralph said...

Marchnanks: Doesn't work. Just email me from my profile. I promise I'm not a spammer.