Thursday, October 16, 2008

One more small step....

Just a shorty today. I have a doctor's appointment (routine) in about an hour and then I'll be getting ready to head out to Delaware. This is an "off-time" visit--we usually go every other weekend and this one isn't an "other," but we were summoned to the county zoning board to request a variance for our deck on Monday night, so we decided to make a weekend of it. Steve's flying in from Sacramento, I'll pick him up at the airport, and off we'll go. We'll use the time to get some things packed into boxes and taken to the storage place. Monday will be a long day because we'll be heading home that night after the zoning appearance. I'll be back Tuesday with the board's verdict.

Sorry, no Food Friday tomorrow--I haven't done any decent cooking this week, and even if I had, I left my camera in Delaware so I couldn't take pictures of anything, not even a dish fit for the king. The recipes I have in reserve either aren't ready yet or aren't good enough. So you're on your own.

And I'll slip this in: I started watching the debate last night, but when I found myself yelling at the TV during answers to the negative campaigning question, I decided I'd had enough and switched it off. The contrast between mud slinging and sticking to the issues was too stark and too pathetic.

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