Thursday, October 9, 2008

The First Step

This is the scene in our driveway as I write. We have emptied the garage of all the boxes we've been collecting there this year as we've gone from room to room updating the house. Behind me is the interior of the garage, which still has furniture in it. In about an hour we'll go get the rental truck, put everything you see here plus the furniture on it, and take off for Delaware and storage there. It's the first step in the move. We'll be packing up the trailer in Delaware in the coming couple of months, keeping some stuff for storage and giving the rest of it back to the charity store where we bought it.

Tomorrow we will meet with the builder for a couple of hours in the morning to complete choosing colors and materials for the interior of the new house. Then it'll be off to an appliance store to continue our search for good, but not break-the-bank, modern conveniences. It's a real education to look at washers and dryers and dishwashers if you've been out of the market for 20 years, as we have. The things practically talk to each other.

This will be a curtailed visit. We must return Saturday so Steve can take one last business trip (we think)to company HQ in Sacramento. I'll be here by myself until Thursday night, when I'll pick him up at the airport and take off again for Delaware for more packing, another builder meeting, and The Big One: our appearance Monday October 20 at 7 pm before the zoning board to request a variance that will allow us to build our waterfront deck. We went through the variance process here in Arlington and found a very sympathetic board. We have no idea how we city slickers will go down with the good ol' boys in Sussex County, Delaware. But the house is hardly worth the trouble without the deck, so this will be an important occasion.

And so I leave you to your own devices. My recipe for tomorrow is already posted, just waiting for tomorrow morning to appear. See you again Sunday or Monday.


Anonymous said...

Have fun and good luck with the permit process. Just be lucky you ain't livin here in Florida. Most variances have to go to the County Commissioners, takes a year to get on the docket. Of course we have stringent Hurricane Codes so I'm sure we are not the only state that was awakened by insurance companies that take your money and refuse to pay a claim. Sounds like decking would be a cake walk. In any event, good luck and safe drive over to Delaware.

Ravel said...

Les changements sont enfin commenc├ęs! Bonne chance!

Ralph said...

Un petit pas, c'est tout, Ravel. We still have to sell the house. Nothing really big will happen until the spring. We're just preparing.