Friday, August 22, 2008

What do your bubbles look like?

E-friend the eclectipundit came up with this Myers-Brigg-ish exercise to see where you fall on various polar "this-or-that" scales. I'm fairly satisfied with my outcome except I know I'm more balanced between extraversion and introversion than this shows. I know I'm a borderline case (boy is that a mouthful--I mean between "I" and "E"), and the best explanation I ever had was from my first M-B trainer, who asked me, "Do you think before you talk or talk before you think?" The former, no doubt, off the chart. "You're an I." She said. End of discussion.

E wants to start a meme and I don't remember how to do it. But this is fun and I'm nosy enough to be curious where you might fall. Give it a try, and if you can get the meme going tell the rest of us how.

You can capture your bubble pattern with this: Scroll down to "Screen Hunter 5.0 free." It'll take one or two tries to get the hang of it but it's a useful little tool.

Steve's painting the bathroom today and I'm cooking.

Happy Saturday!


Jeff said...

Tried it and I seem a very boring fellow compared to you and E. Although my "Extraverted" and "Introverted" are pretty well balanced. Maybe I care...maybe I don't... :)
Right now just enjoying my Sunday morning with a toasted bialy and some fresh coffee out on the deck.. :)

Ralph said...

You can just shut up about that bialy, Mr Boring! (I highly doubt that and no, you don't care. Some of my best friends are "I's," anyway!)

I've sent "Linda SE PA," a reader of mine, (who comments as "anonymous" and then signs) your way because of your two food tour posts--when I've written about food she has often rhapsodized about the delis she used to visit during her own borough childhood. She's going through some tough crap currently and doesn't have much time to spend online, but she thanked me for the link. I hope you hear from her, but if not, know you've got one more happy reader.

Jeff said...

Be gald to share some calories and memories with anyone from the boroughs or beyond! Thanks for the reference!