Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A short ramble

The promised cooler air has finally arrived, but the rain that heralded it elsewhere didn't reach us. Things that are supposed to be green at this time of year are brown. The maple tree in the back is always the first to show stress by losing its leaves--we're having autumn-like leaf-drop at the moment. It was miserably hot and close on Monday but they kept forecasting this cooling trend "any minute now," so I never turned on the air conditioner. Monday night was like one from my memories as a kid--hot and sticky, bedclothes a nuisance, impossible to get comfortable. I could finally sleep last night. Good thing. Yesterday I was all mental cobwebs and fog.

I have nothing about which to wax nostalgic, poetic, philosophical or even political today. Of course, I'm paying attention to the Democratic primary, pre-scripted, enormous non-event that it is--although I suppose Hillary's supporters see it in a very different way. My only hope is they GET OVER IT (sorry, ladies!) and save our dear country from more Scalias and Alitos on the Supreme Court, among numberless other things.

We will be moving around quite a bit over the next couple of weeks. To Delaware tomorrow, back Monday, then off again on Thursday, first back to Delaware for the night, then off to North Carolina for a week. Then back, here, again via Delaware. My posts will be erratic, but I'm planning on re-posting some of my favorites while I'm away, about vacations and some of the great trips we've taken. I hope old-timers don't mind the repeats--I want the newbies to enjoy them. There will still be Food Fridays--a couple of worthy re-runs from the earliest days I want to make sure people see and try. There will still be new stuff till we leave....


Mim said...

Being a Democrat and always voting that way.. I am too "am get over it thought."
He won the nomination, she didn't.
Yes I am watching every minute of it... but oh so much money spent on presidential campaigns and conventions. Doesn't our system need to be overhauled?
Enough of that.
Yes enjoy your vacation and don't worry about computer, especially when you are enjoying life on the outer banks.

Kat said...

"My only hope is they GET OVER IT (sorry, ladies!)," is an ouch sort of sentence.

I loved her speech last night and heard many of her delegates, a lone man too though I'm guessing he might have been a plant (tongue in cheek here), say they would back their party's candidate.

Ralph said...

Not sure which "ouched" you, Kat, the reference to women or the "get over it." If the former, face it, it is mostly owmen upset at the outcome, and if the latter, face it, if Hillary is allowed to become a Democratic "spoiler" for Obama because of sour grapes we are in big trouble. People have to look beyond their own agenda.

Kat said...

First, it is the term ladies which sort of caught in my throat. I thought I must be in dance class because I haven't heard women referred to as ladies in an eon. It sounded atavistic at best.

Hillary would never allow her constituency to be spoilers. She is a democrat and would support her party. Her speech proved that.

I was never a huge Hillary fan but your assumption got my defenses up and running.

Ralph said...

Sorry about the "ladies," Kat.

Read the entry again and you'll see that I never said Hillary wants this to happen, wants to be a spoiler. But it's presumptuous to think she can "let" her people do one thing or another. All she can do is lead--there's no guarantee they'll all follow. They are humans with minds of their own, some of them, apparently, badly bent out of shape. Hillary I trust implicitly. Some of her followers I don't.

Ralph said...

And while I'm at it, Katykins, it was those fatal diehards whom I was referring to as "ladies," and they deserve whatever approbation can be sent their way. "Ladies" is one of the nicer things that come to mind.

Never fear--I'd never call you a lady!

Kat said...

That sound you hear is me laughing!