Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Headed Out

We're leaving in a couple of hours for an extra-long "weekend" in Delaware as Steve works down some "use-or-lose" hours of annual leave. The tile refinishing should be done while we're's exciting to think what the room will look like when all the work is completed.

I can do no better today than to draw your attention to this lovely piece which was featured yesterday on Eclecticity's blog. (I realize there is a core group here who read each others' postings so I run the risk of making too many self-closing loops, but for any newcomers, or those who don't know Eclecticity, this is worth the read.)

The writer, "Fred," is one of those guys who proudly calls himself a curmudgeon and enjoys poo-pooing current hot air, some of which you may agree with; some of which you may not, but the poo-pooing is always needed. He may think he is among a select few in this overheated culture of ours who long for what he describes; I think there are more than he gives society credit for. Whatever, it is a beautiful piece of writing that stands entirely on its own and resonated deeply with me. I hope it will with you, too.

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