Monday, August 25, 2008

One more job done!

Well folks, the famous bathroom project is over! The tile guy will be coming back while we're away over the coming weekend to do a bit of minor touching up, but for all intents and purposes we are ready to move on to the next project, which is mere painting.

To refresh you memories, here is is what the vanity area used to look like:
and here's what we have now: The pink and gray are replaced by this soothing wheat color, and the sink no longer sits there like a sore thumb, but blends right in, its brightness muted by the surrounding lighter color.

As for the tub platform, before is over here to the right:

And here is after: The overall effect of the wheat color is soothing. That bare oak trim has also been covered with the same material, so everything is uniform. The interior of the shower, which I don't have pictures of, is also done in the wheat color, including the floor.

Again, if you have outmoded tile but not necessarily the money or inclination to tear it out and replace it, this re-glazing is a very good alternative, and so much cheaper. Look in the yellow pages under "bath tubs: reglazing." It's those people who have branched off into tile re-coloring as an outgrowth of their tub work. If you just look under "tile" you'll find installers.

This is a short post but it's taken me all morning to place the pictures as well as I could, fooling around in the html code. A fun challenge (we'll see what the published veresion looks like!)

I'll post some happy-day music and then go see what this day has to offer. It'll be hot--summer's last blast before autumn cooling tonight. Have a good one!


Nan said...

Very nice! Well done.

Ralph said...

Nan, thanks!

Mim said...

Looks as good as any tv or magazine before or after.
You did good!
Glad you can enjoy some before selling it.
My estimators haven't called back yet on my reglazing job; I am getting two estimates from two companies.
Hope mine turns out as well as yours did.
Once again thanks for the tip.

Kat said...

The difference is amazing. When you said pink tiles, you should have said PINK tiles! The bathroom looks new, and I agree about the sink.

Ralph said...

Thanks, Kat. And to think that was a custom color! That's what burned us so much. We'd asked for a much more muted, disty-rose shade, and this is waht we got. Since it was custom, we were stuck with it. We were really happy when we heard about this process.

Ravel said...

I wish on the Moon to eventually have such a nice bathroom. I love the glass cubes...
Good job! Out the pink!

Ralph said...

Who knows, Ravel? It may comes sooner than you had thought!

Cuidado said...

That's an amazing difference. They just recoloured the tiles? I've been in this house 24 years. My upstairs bathroom has a pink tub, toilet and sink. I've done everything else in blacks, greys and whites. Would like white tub, sink and toilet like downstairs.

Ralph said...

Cuidado, this speicality is in business exactly for people like us with odd-colored porcelain objects where we don't want them. Actually, I'd been hearing about tub re-glazers for years in the context of the work they do re-conditioning antique bath tubs. I just didn't know they had branched out into this new specialty. Let your fingers do the walking in the yellow pages and give it a shot. Have some estimates done. I guarantee it won't break the bank.