Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Off to a slow start

I am moving in fits and starts so far today. Two days of not typing (and a full week of not really doing very much at all) have rendered my already negligible keyboard skills close to non-existent. I seem to have a thing for the letter "i" this morning. It's showing up in places it just doesn't beliong. Andwhere'sthedamnspacebarwhen I need it?

My week in Delaware was extremely quiet, and not really livened up by Steve's arrival from Nevada Friday morning. An outing planned for Saturday--a trip to a pick-your-own peach farm--didn't happen because the day dawned stormy and stayed muggy and uncomfortable. We decided to go see "Mamma Mia"--as much for the air conditioning as the for mindless escape--but couldn't get in because the show we wanted was sold out. It was the kind of day that sapped you of any sort of ambition at all--even the breeze by the water, usually a guaranteed balm--was too calm to appreciate.

Yesterday was as gorgeous as Saturday had been unpleasant, the kind of day that makes you want to be outside. Dry and cool, the water breeze was a downright gale at times, chopping the water into whitecaps and making for bouncy boat rides.

The most unusual thing about the weekend was that Steve, fresh from grueling travel home, had no projects planned whatsoever. Totally out of character, he did what I usually do: swing in the hammock and read a book. It was good to see him take advantage of the beaitiful weather yesterday, and I admit I liked the company in my lack of ambition. We can't always be that way, of course, and his usually frenetic (by my standards) activity does spur me on to important tasks that need to be done. But a little rest, both physical and from thinking about the issues on our plate, was welcome.

But now there's today. It feels like a Monday at work; I'm trying to make the harness fit. (I know. It's Tuesday.) I'm starting slow, here with you, exercising my brain as well as my fingers. There are plenty of other things for me to do now that I'm somewhat limbered up. I'll go choose from my list.


Peggy said...

Hi Ralph! I know how you feel. I have very little ambition, Mark as well sometimes, and I think it's summertime and the heat and the humidity. Maybe that's why all the summertime songs talk about taking it easy. Reading is always preferable to work, however, work pays the bills. Of couse, that's where I am now writing to you. It's going to be hot and muggy in good, old Baltimore today, with storms. And, there isn't much work for me to do at the moment. So, inspiration will come, just take it easy if that's how it is!!!

Personally, I love the cooler weather and fall is my favorite time of year. That is when I am on the ball and accomplish many things!

Do enjoy the rest of your day!

Ralph said...

I'm with you on the cooler weather, Peggy. But you know, in these parts, there are two times of year it does man nor beast no good to be outdoors. High summer and deep winter. We have some fairly small windows of pure comfort when you consider a 12-month year....

Glad I'm able to give you a little diversion at work!

Mim said...

So did you get to see Mamma Mia or didn't you go back for the next showing?
Looks like you and Nan wre both thinking Joan Baez today!

Ralph said...

Didn't see it Saturday, Mim. We will though!

Ralph said...

Mim, I know two "Nan"s with blogs and neither of them are playing Baez today. Which Nan are you thinking of?

Mim said...

Oops my error!
Feels like monday, sorry about that.

Kat said...

I had a leisurely afternoon yesterday, reward for a busy morning. Today I have yet to get in gear, and you inspire me to linger.

Ralph said...

As long as that lethargy doesn't last too long, Kat! I'm back to proper life today, thank goodness.