Thursday, April 10, 2008


Well, unless some miracle happens I won't be posting any music while I'm here in Delaware. I've had a rather ridiculous past couple of hours during which the following took place: I thought there was no USB port for my flash drive on this computer, discovered there was a whole four-socket USB hub, plugged the flash into that, upon which all the blue lights on the hub stopped twinkling, making me think I broke it. I pulled the flash put of the hub, and the lights twinkled again. Thank God. Then the flash dropped out of my fingers. And I can't find it anywhere. This computer is a borrow from Steve's office, so I've been in email back-and-forths with the tech support woman, who happens to be the one who will be visiting us this weekend. It was from her that I learned what a USB hub is. These infernal blue lights have been blinking forever and I never knew what they were. She's been very nice dealing with my inanities, perhaps because she knows she will be eating well in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, Steve's at his training in Austin, Texas, which he flew to, and plans on flying from on Saturday, on American Airlines. You know, the one cancelling more than half of its flights because of badly bundled wires.

The sun finally came out here after an extremely foggy and dreary morning, and things now, on the way to 1 pm, are warming up beautifully, and that's how it's looking outside now, too: beautiful. When I'm done here I will do a bit of raking outside just to enjoy the day and get myself moving a bit. It's not easy to take my regular walks here, unfortuinately, so I have to find some other ways to get my heart rate a bit elevated. (I accomplished that with the flash drive fiasco, of course, but that had more to do with blood pressure.)

It is utterly silent here except for the AA-battery powered ticking of various clocks and tide indicators. There aren't even any waterbirds outside to make their welcome noises. The local NPR station is doing a fund drive, and since it's such a small donor area here they seem to go on and on with their begging, making for rather unsatifying radio. I'll turn on the ipod if things get really bad. And I have a lot of movies to watch.

I can remember when I was a little kid, how I hated it when my parents went out, leaving me alone in the quiet house. My folks never went far in those days--just across the street, in fact--and my mother's laugh was so loud that you could hear it all over the neighborhood in the summer, when the windows were open. Still, I'd have to call where they were just to say "hi," or make up some pretext. I felt silly doing it but was comforted to hear my mother's voice on the other end.

How the worm turned! When my teenage rebellion finally came, it was in a very healthy dose. It got so I could hardly stand to be around my parents. As I moved into my teens, I relished the entire weekends I'd have alone when my parents built a house on the water forty miles away and would visit it, leaving me on my own. Things stayed that way until I was well into my 30s, and then we were able to stand each others' company again. I'm so glad that happened. We were a "normal" family after all!

I will now do one more search for my little flash drive--it's so frustrating because it has to be here, and can only be in a small space, too.......then, if I don't find it, I'll just have to give up to maintain my sanity. Raking some leaves will help with that, too. Sorry for the silence.


Cuidado said...

Look inside your shoe or in your clothing.

Why can't you get your walking in there?

I'll miss the music but I have tons so no worries.

Kat said...

I had this very computer literate student years ago who initiated me into the secret society. I learned all about USB hubs, even have one of my own. I'd tell you more but then I'd have to....

Look where furniture meets.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ralph,

There are times when I really appreciate the silence. I truly related about being along in a house when younger. I wanted so much to be treated as an adult and be allowed to stay home alone - then when the big moment came - whew, what a shocker. Not too much fun until you learn to use the time wisely.

Loved seeing the "kitties".

Hope you get the 'puter on all gears and running. I've been having 'puter issues myself - and am not a "geek" so either I have to wait for assistance or gingerly poke around.


Ralph said...

Cuidado, I guess I could walk if I got in the car and drove someplace first. There's a pretty decent dirt road out to the first paved road, that's about a mile, but then the paved road has no shoulders, and that road gives on to a highway with messy grass shoulders--no fun. Also, it's very flat here on the coastal plane and not much of a challenge. I could drive to the boardwalk and actually walk next to the ocean, and maybe I'll do that tomorrow. It's flat, of course, but what the hell...

Kat and Cuidado, I've looked EVERYWHERE for that damn flash drive. No shoes in the vicinity--it fell where all the computer wires and hookups are. I've shaken everythig--I'll try again later but won't drive myself nuts.

Linda, as I was writing that piece I was feeling embarrassed all over again remembering the need to call my parents. Once I called about a poem I'd heard read on Red Foley's show on TV--"The Boy Who Stubbed His Toe." I'll never forget it, neither the occasion nor the poem. Another time the pretext for a call was some newsreel footage of the Soviet invasion of Hungary, part of which happened on my birthday. That was 1956, so I had just turned 11. I knew I was a bit old for that silliness, and I think I stopped calling after that.

Nan said...

A bit of silence now and then is so good for you! As much as I love music, silence too needs its time. Have a wonderful and fun time with your company. Any sign of that little flash?

Ralph said...

I totally agree with you about silence, Nan. How else could we be ISTJs? ;-)

On the flash drive: the last resort was to take the bed apart that's next to the desk here to give a detailed look underneath. I did that this morning. Nothing. It's gone to flash drive heaven, is all I can conclude. It didn't like it here. I've looked and picked things up and shaken them and done everything I can think of. Maybe when somebody else is here I can draft them into a search.