Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lazy Sunday

The day dawned windy, cool and cloudy, threatening rain. We made a quick, rather chilly run to the crab pots to bring them back. I didn't get much of a catch, about 16 crabs, but only half of them were of legal keeping size, so I let them all go. Eight crabs is not enough to do much with. Next time, when it's warmer....

It's a good thing we took the boat out when we did, because the rain started soon after we returned and hasn't stopped. Steve got a wild hair and decided to clean the house. I read the Sunday paper, then we sat down and watched one of the videos I made at home. (We have no TV reception here to speak of, so the only things we watch are DVDs, either from Netflix or ones I make by recording movies off the DVR at home and then transferring them to disc. I use RW discs, so I can simply reformat them after we watch a movie and reuse. It's a whole lot cheaper than going to a video store, and the selection--my own--is better!) This afternoon's choicce was "Madame Butterfly" by the New York City Opera. It has music we've all heard, but I had never seen the opera itself. How beautiful, and what a great tear-jerker!

I tried to get a lot of the Bette Davis movies TCM ran to celebrate her 100th birthday a few weeks ago. Maybe it'll be "All About Eve" tonight. We watched another Davis vehicle last night, "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex," a 1939 Technicolor costume extravaganza featuring two of the biggest egos Hollywood ever produced, Davis and Errol Flynn. It was a hoot watching her camp it up as the Virgin Queen. No matter what role she played, she was always Bette Davis, all spastic mannerisms. She looked lost without a cigarette.

This is a perfect day for cozy, and one of the last we'll have for many months for cool-weather food. Tonight's dinner will be meatloaf. Yum! What could be better?

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Kat said...

Meatloaf sounds just perfect for a day like today.