Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Busy Day!

Sorry for this late post, and there won't be much because I haven't had the luxury of time to do much thinking of any great interest, and, reading my last few entries I realize I am slipping into mere reportage of the mundanities of my life. That's not why I'm doing this and certainly not what I wanted to show you by inviting you here.

And I'm really feeling bereft in this place without music.

So suffice to say Steve got in OK, we had a wonderful day showing our guests around, and that's about it. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ralph,

Sometimes just checking in and saying hi - things are good - is as good as a lengthy post.

Yes, a tad bit lonley without music but sometimes the silence is good and "hearing the songs" in our memory works in a pinch.

Quarter to Three and Dancing In the Streets are goldie fav's of mine. Wasn't Quarter to Three a summer song?

Anyways, glad to hear the weekend is good and that Steve made it in okay. Isn't it wonderful to live in an area where you can really indulge your guests?


Ralph said...

You're sweet to check in, Linda. Thanks.

This place really is so accessible. It's one of the reasons I look forward to living here permanently. It's more "manageable" than big-city DC. I think I'll participate more in the local goings-on here than I ever do in DC becauae they really are "local." I won't be just a part of the multi-state magalopolis that is DC and its environs.

A high point of the day was two antique stores. GREAT antiquws around here, and cheap!

Ravel said...

Antiques? Who said antiques?

Ralph said...

Ravel, if you like antiques, you'd love it here!

Nan said...

Ralph, not to worry about slipping into reporting on the mundanities . . . afterall, it can't be helped, and your readers not only like the music you post, but we like YOU! We all have our mundane lives, in addition to "blog-life." Glad you are having a nice weekend. PS - I almost called my blog "Nandanities" but I didn't think anyone would get it.

Ralph said...

"Nandanaties"! LOL! Sometimes I wish there was some way I could stretch "Ralph" into something like that.

Thanks, my dear, for those kind words and for the laugh.

Mary Godwin said...

Ralph, having only enough time for "checking in" is wonderfully human, and I find myself oddly encouraged by the fact that you were so rightly occupied by other things. I trust you will be back to us tomorrow or the next day, and in the meantime, I have no problem filling in the music you've taught me to imagine in you. ...glad Steve made it back whole and healthy. -mg

Ralph said...

What a beautifully said compliment, Mary. Thank you so very much. I'll be back, not to worry.