Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gearing up

Just a short hello today. Things for me are starting to move as I get ready for Steve's return and the arrival of our guests. I'm mostly busy with the do-aheads for dinner--marinating, making a salad, etc. (It's gorgeous here as I write, and I've decided to do the grill thing--the kabobs--whether it rains or not. Worse comes to worst, I can stick 'em under the broiler.)

Steve called from the Austin airport to say that he was checked in and had a seat assignment but, two hours before takeoff, there were no planes on the tarmac by the gate. And his isn't the first flight of the day from Austin to DFW. I've set up an account with American Airlines to email me of the status of the final flight, DFW-DCA. If by some miracle he actually makes it all the way to Washington, he still faces a three-hour drive here, only to face a big dinner and company. As often happens, this weekend could have been better planned. Still, there's no nicer place to be tired.

Regardless of how things turn out, I'm looking forward Steve's eventual return, the company, and the FOOD! I'm ready for a party. Think of "Quarter to 3" by Gary "U.S." Bonds and "Dancin' in the Street" by Martha and the girls.

It's Saturday! Do enjoy your day.


Marchbanks said...

Well shoot . . . I'm sorry I didn't know Steve was stranded in Austin; I woulda volunteered to take him in hand for dinner or something suitably "keep Austin weird"-ish.

Ralph said...

That would have been very cool, Marchbanks. He was out there for a week-long class and by some miracle got out when he was supposed to, but being able to connect with somebody would have been nice.

BTW, if you're still offering stuff about ripping LPs, I'm still very much interested. Email me from my profile if you ever get that info together.

Ralph said...

Marchbanks, me: duh. Ignore what I said about ripping LPs, it wasn't you who offered the help, but somebody else.