Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I'm giving your eyes and my fingers a rest. I have plenty more stories to tell but will save them....we have all the time in the world, right? Outdoors calls today. It's been raining the past few days and after these morning clouds burn away the sun will make a welcome, warming return. The grass needs a haircut and weeds have been enjoying the damp weather, so there are jobs to keep me busy enough as an excuse to soak up the fragrant breezes.

I've just loaded up my new flash drive for the Delaware visits. This one is just as tiny, but it's silver. It should stand out among the black wires and casings and whatever else is in that black hole next to the computer in Delaware.

Steve made the cut for an interview for that job within the company. Wonder of wonders. Are they just going through the motions because that have to? We'll see....meanwhile, today is a series of meetings concerning the closeout of the project. We should get some timelines.

It's hump day! Get through this one and there's only two left. Hang in.........


Anonymous said...

Hi Ralph,

Enjoy the sunshine and warmth of the day!

Fingers crossed for Steve and for you as well. Happy to hear he made the cut for interview!


Ralph said...

Thanks, Linda. We're assuming the worst so that we won't be let down when 9it happens.

And thanks for the info on Carbon Leaf. Guess I could have done that myself! Duh.

Nan said...

Maybe with all of us powerful blogger-types lobbying the ether for Steve, something good will happen. Here's hoping!

Kat said...

All my good wishes going Steve's way!

Ralph said...

Nan and Kat, here's hoping. But like I said, we're not letting ourselves get optimistic.

The interview is a week from today.

Cuidado said...

My dear, you must think positive. Think, "He will get it, he will get it."

Ralph said...

I'm open to and hope for happy surprises, Cuidado. They're better than huge disappointments.
To maintain my mental health I have to stay as neutral as I can.