Monday, May 12, 2008

A Wet Weekend!

The photo above is what our waterfront looked like when we left the trailer this morning. It was still raining, as it did, violently, all night, and as it still is now. If things weren't tied down, gale-force winds, blowing all night, moved them to places they'd never been and weren't supposed to be. We have never seen the pier completely under water, and this was taken a couple of hours after high tide. You remember that story I told a few weeks ago about replacing the ceiling with plastic and a pretty white sheet? That worked just fine until these torrential rains. The leaks in the roof let so much water in, the sheets were swollen with the weight of the water behind them. We poked small holes through the sheets and the protective plastic to release the water, which was constantly replenished by the never-ending deluge. The two tall plastic kitchen trash cans we placed under the holes as catch basins filled up overnight. I just hope they don't overflow while we're away for two weeks, otherwise there will be a nice wet mess to clean up inside. There's enough blown debris outside to keep us plenty busy as it is.

Here in Arlington the only word to describe the goings-on outside is miserable. Damp cold permeates everything; in the middle of May the heat in the house is on and I'm in my winter uniform of jeans and a sweatshirt. We left a few "safe" windows open a crack while we were away because the weather at the time was so pleasant. They let in the pollen still swirling in the air, so that every surface is covered with a gross, greasy dust. Guess my work is cut out for me this week. Forecasts show a return to more pleasant and drier normalcy starting tomorrow, so I 'll have my choice of things to do, both inside and out. Lucky me!

All that storming outside kept me awake most of the night, so let's just say I'm not exacty chipper today and leave it at that. I'll rumble and grumble off to finish today's chores and leave you to your own day, which I hope is more pleasant than mine.


Anonymous said...

I'd have to say, judging from that picture, your parcel in Delaware is definitely in a flood zone. Keep that in mind when you go to build. Maybe elevate the footers and forget about trying something with a basement. It do look funny to see water over the dock.

Ralph said...

No question about the flood zone, Z&M--we've already been told house has to be elevated and designs we're working with are incorporating that in. A basement is out of the question. It's a 50-year flood zone--oldtimers there tell us this kind of flooding is very unusual.

Kat said...

The weather isn't much better here. My heat is also on as the house was 61 when I woke up, far too cold. I also need a sweatshirt.

I can't believe how high the water is.

I got a laugh. You and I were on the same wave length. My Saturday posts were all rain songs including the Dee Clark.

Ralph said...

Kat, when we got home the house (with a couple of open windows) was at 51. Took forever to get comfortable.

Looks like the "greaet minds" phenom was at work again on music selection, Either that or we both went for the painfully obvious...(but I do love the song).