Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Morning of Adventure

What a difference a good night's sleep makes. You may have read about a recent poll that shows most Americans think sleeping is a waste of time and that if there was a safe way they could be fully functional with less sleep they would use it. I've never counted the number of ways I am out of the mainstream with my fellow Yanks, but this would have to be close to the top of the list. I love sleeping, I think a night of delicious sleep is one of life's great pleasures, and would never think of doing without it willingly. I think my attitude comes from the many nights I've spent sleepless unwillingly: I am a picky and light sleeper--I need familiar surroundings and utter darkness for sleep to come, and the faintest noise will wake me up. If I am overly stimulated mentally by great conversation or a riveting TV performance just before going to bed, I'll be hours getting to sleep. A good, talky phone call at 10 pm is the worst--I'm a goner. I'll be mentally re-hashing that conversation for hours. Long plane rides? Hotels? Forget it.

(I've always had this thing about being a particular sleeper. When I was a little kid I can remember hearing my parents come upstairs to bed, hours after I had supposedlly been "asleep." My mother would come in and check on me, and I'd secretly move a finger or something and get a naughty little chuckle out of it. "She thinks I'll go to sleep just because I have to go to bed, huh? I'll show her!" When I finally did fall asleep, I'd often sleepwalk. My mother told me that more than once she woke up to find me standing by her bedside, just staring at her. I scared her to death, of course, but I had no idea I was doing it. She said she'd just tell me to go to the bathroom and then go back to bed. I guess that's what I did.)

So, having had a good night's sleep after the upheaval of that Springtime hurricane we experienced the night before in Delaware, I'm bright and fresh, just in the right mood for some musical exploration, the opportunity for which was provided by Nan in her David Ford posting yesterday. I'm sharing one by him myself today, after spending hours in happy investigation. More music and another musician to be excited about. Such simple pleasures, made possible by this complicated invention, the computer and all that comes with it. These tiny gifts make me grateful to be alive. And well rested!

I have a full menu of things to choose from for this week's activities. Get the gunky pollen off all the surfaces in this house, or continue with major gardening chores. It's still very muddy from the weekend's paroxysms, and the temperature has still to catch up with the season, so I'll choose indoors today.



Nan said...

Great post, Ralph. I can relate to your comments about sleep. I do love a good night's sleep - at least 8 hours of it! While I am not a finicky sleeper, I dabbled with insomnia a few years ago, and it wasn't fun. I used to be famous for saying "I'll sleep when I'm dead," especially when I had to go without sleep -- kind of a nod to the late Warren Zevon. Only now, Warren is dead. And I really do want to sleep!

Like you, as a child, I would be found staring down at my mother in the middle of the night while she slept. Unlike you, I wasn't sleep walking. I was wide away checking to see if she (as well as the other 5 in the household) were still breathing! Can you imagine? It is no wonder she called me her little spook, or "the Sheriff."

So glad you like David Ford! Isn't it great to have this Internet Music Meme phenomenon? Have a good Tuesday and good luck with the pollen. Makes me feel like sneezing just thinking about it.

Zoey & Me said...

I get some of that insomnia and hate it. Sometimes I walk the floors till 3AM. So my Doc put me on Lorazapam (sp) not a sleeping pill but it does settle things down and I sleep great.

Ralph said...

Interesting, Z&M. About a year and a half ago my doctor prescribed 90 Ambien for me, and I still have about 80 left. You do sleep on those things, but it doesn't feel like a "real" sleep. Now, if I take anything at all, it's half of one of them. But I seem to do mostly OK without anything as long as I'm careful about just-before-bed activity. I read myself to sleep, mostly.