Saturday, May 10, 2008


The music you're hearing today is from my dear little 4GB flash drive. Steve found it last night when he was doing one of his endless handyman projects--this time replacing an old electrical wire. He had to move the piece of pressboard we have sitting under the chair here at the desk, and there it was, under the pressboard, several feet away from where it originally fell, in a place nobody would ever have thought to look. How it got there is a mystery. But it's back, and I won't be dropping it again!

It is downwright cold here next to the water. Yesterday it poured rain all day; today it's overcast but the precipitation has been minimal. We've spent the entire day, it seems, in the car, running from store to store looking for various things we need either here or at the house in Arlington. We do a lot of shopping for big items here in Delaware because of the lack of a sales tax on most items. That can run to respectable savings on more expensive things. Among other things, I got all the things I'll need to re-grass that garden at home.

So far this season the crabs aren't running well. We put the traps out yesterday morning and just took a chilly boat ride out to check on them a few minutes ago. Not even a dozen in 36 hours, and half of them are too small to keep. This may well be a crabless year for us.

Sorry no recipe yesterday. I didn't have a decent picture to put up, plus we had company for dinner last night and I was busy cooking most of the day, so there was little time to zone out and do any decent writing. I'll be posting some of what we had last night, so stay tuned.

Hope your Saturday is going well, and that your weather this May 10, 2008, is better than ours is!


Anonymous said...

We are in the middle of a heat wave here Ralph. High 90's, big humidity, the kind of day we get mostly in August/September. Florida below the frost line where we are is generally wonderful weather from late November to June. Worst months July-October. I usually try to steal some time away in late Sept or October to visit DC. I like the weather up there just prior to the November chill.

Ralph said...

Z&M, I've always felt out autumns are the reward for living through the hellacious summers. They're long and dry and comfortable. Right now, though, at least while we're here on the water, a little of that heat you're having now would welcomed!

Kat said...

I got a bit worried with no yesterday and a late today. I called to check on you.

I'm glad it was because you're just busy.

We are really cold here too. Like you, we trade off the spring for the best of all autumns. I think it a good trade.

Ralph said...

Hey, thanks for checking in, Kat, but we never got any message. All's well.

Actually, for this late afternoon, the temp has decided to rise a bit and we're in the 60s. And the sun's out, sort of. It feels like a tease, though....

michele said...

Glad you found it! I'm sure one of the cats knocked it under that piece of pressboard.

Ralph said...

Of course, Michele! I forgot about the cats.