Monday, May 19, 2008

Music, music, music

An inside factoid that may be of interest to you: this is the day that I must retire "Theme From A Summer Place" from the blog. It's of note because it is the record-holder as the most downloaded song I've ever posted: 70 times. In one short week! (That's downloaded, not just listened to on the blog.) A really popular choice will get up into the mid-twenties; the next runner-up is the Moody Blues' "Your Wildest Dreams," with 30 downloads. (That's going tomorrow, so get it while you can.) Seventy downloads is really extraordinary. I knew that piece was popular, but this was beyond my expectations. Nice to know I'm pleasing so many people!

As it turns out, today's post is all about music. I have much to do if I intend to head out of here for Delaware tomorrow; too little time to zone into writing mode, as much as I'd love to. Leaving tomorrow is not definite because some rain is predicted and I'm not sure I'll want to drive for three hours in it, but chores must be done just in case. The weatherman isn't always right, you know!

So I leave you to your Monday, hoping you are well (for a Monday).

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