Sunday, February 10, 2008


I'm turning this page over to you today, dear reader, while we begin the dreaded task of Taking Down The Wallpaper. We'll see how it goes on whatever gets done today and then decide whether we will hire someone to finish the job. We have the whole damn house to do! Can't bear to think about it--just do it.

I would love some feedback. How am I doing? Writing too much? Is there any subject you want more of? Give me some ideas to play with. I love doing this but hearing back from you would make it even more fun. Please fill my inbox.


Ravel said...

Comment: please don't put a new wallpaper after removing this one. Hahahaha!
You are doing very well with your blog; Kat, yr teacher, was a good example to follow.
I like the simple fact that you explain parts of your life to make us know you better, with music offerings. I know a certain blog where the guy puts great music but once in a while, he rants at something or the other... nastily. I accept comments, complaints, etc, but not when there is no real construction of arguments to it.
As for suggestions to you... I am not sure if it would be proper to talk more about yr relationship with Steve (that is another good living example)?... Or maybe how you came accross knowing so much music? But yr blog is quite young!
I began a blog myself a couple of years ago. I had so few comments, I felt like talking alone... I destroyed it.
What does it DO for you, to blog? What are you aiming at? What do you need to communicate?
Those are my spontaneous ideas, Sir.
Have a good wallpaper day (beurk!)...

Nan said...

Ralph, I think you are achieving a perfect balance with some feature stories/memories (I enjoy your writing), great music, and some well-placed photos. Just express yourself as you feel like it and your readers will read as they feel like it. Can't go wrong.

Ralph said...

Ravel, thanks for stopping to comment. The un-wallpapering took about 6 hours for one room. We're down to next steps--cleaning off glue residue and scraping a bit more on some spots. Made a lot of beginners mistakes trial-and-error style and learned. We'll probably do the whole project ourselves.

You set many ruminuations off for me that would take too much space to go into here. If you'd like (I'd like), email me from my profile.

Anonymous said...


I have been enjoying your blog! I read Kat daily and comment occassionally. I have truly enjoyed the eclectic mix of music - some songs have brought back many memories - I Only Have Eyes - Cathy's Clown - the list goes on and hopefully continues on for a very long time.

Glad to hear the wallpapering worked out for you & Steve. I helped a friend with this and know this is tedious work. Yet, tedious often equates to expensive - so my best wishes that you can finish this on your own (or at least the bulk of it).

Keep on Keepin On...

I am having lots of fun.


Ralph said...

Thanks Linda. Not many comments came in, but I'm OK with what did. I'm enjoying this, I guess that should be all that matters, but I want everybody else to, too...otherwise I'd just keep a private journal. Stay tuned--never know what may charge into my brain!

Ravel said...

Ruminations? Well... I didn't mean to sent you off to an uncomfortable place.
Yes, I'll certainly send you a note through Gmail.
Nan is right about the balance. I like it too.

Ralph said...

Ravel, ruminations are in no way a bad thing. It just got me thinking, chewing the cud....