Saturday, February 16, 2008

Guess What?

Wallpaper again. Well, not really wallpaper. Drywall spackle. Gets even better tomorrow, when we sand it. Clouds of talcum-sized dust everywhere.

Into each life a little drywall mud must fall.

I have nothing with which to interest you today but music. Please enjoy.


Ravel said...

Plaster sanding reminds me of when my appt owner send us a guy to sand the walls in my huge bedroom. I left him a big box of sheets, shower curtains, etc. "I didn't see it", he said.
Hoping the job when easy for you...

Ralph said...

Hey, you put your picture up! Great!

I just feel useless at this kind of activity because I have no idea what I'm doing. I can help sand tomorrow. What a mess it'll be!

Ravel said...

You'll learn! :-)
Isn't it fun to learn new stuff?

Yes , the pic is finally there!

Anonymous said...


I am truly impressed at the initial stage of the project. You and Steve accomplished more than three of us did in several weekends. Fairness tells me that I should say we only spent a few hours for each session. Motivation was absent.

And while it may seem a ways down the road - the hardest part is removing the paper and excess glue - the rest moves faster.

Did you mention and did I miss - are you painting the rooms all white?

Anyways, keep up the great work on the house and the blog - really enjoying the variety of music as well as the interesting stories.


Ralph said...

Linda, what welcome encouraging words! Fact is, we're experimenting wit a couple of methods--in one room we've removed the wallpaper wholesale. That left gouges and spaces that require a lot of spackle. In another room we're breaking the cardinal rule and taking steps to just remove the paper at the seams, where it would most likely peel under the paint. (I found directions--by a contractor!--so we figured we'd give it a shot. If that works it'll make a horrible job only very bad. Here's hoping. I'll report tomorrow.