Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've spent this entire morning in deep exploration. I've just learned about some incredible performers, Kate Bush and the Finn Brothers, both from a friend's blog. It turns out Kate Bush has been around for years and years, has performed with big American names (she's a Brit), and I've never heard of her. I must have been under a rock?

I have a slightly better excuse for being ignorant of the Finns. They are from New Zealand, and it appears they are taking the usual route to fame if the journey begins outside the US: start in your home country, then make it big in Europe. From what I've seen, "big in Europe" is the kiss of death for pop musicians if they want entrée here. Our loss. More than once, I've wished I lived in Europe. There are several reasons, but being around exciting, experimental pop music is a big one.

No particular life observations today nor any big stories. I seem to be hitting a dry patch. Maybe it's the dreary weather, or the immediate concerns of house and job....

Enjoy the music.


Cuidado said...

I just said to a blogging friend that I want to go to Europe; just visit, not live there. Maybe, someday. You might try to finf Neil Finn also. He has a solo career besides the Brothers.

Ralph said...

Hi, Cuidado. I did find Neil Finn, but I ran out of time. I'd still be sitting here listening! Thanks for sharing.

im6 said...

You have some wonderful music ahead of you if you're only now discovering the Finn Brothers. A bit of history... they started back in the 80s as part of Split Enz and after that have been fighting off and on for years. One offshoot is a great, Great, GREAT group called Crowded House. It was primarily Neil's group, but Tim joined it at one point and then left. Then they recorded together as brothers again and went their separate ways again. Throughout it all, of maybe DESPITE it all, they continued to make some of the best pop music of the past 25 years (their songwriting is frequently compared to Lennon/McCartney). I'm partial to Neil's solo work and would suggest "One All" as a nice one to give a listen. A "best of" compilation would probably hook you on Crowded House (there are several). And if you're interested in investigating the NEXT generation, Neil's son, Liam, released his first solo CD in late '07 and is proof positive that talent can be inherited. All in all, there must be 25-30 albums worth exploring. It is DEFINITELY worth your time!

Anonymous said...

I was going to give you the further heads-up on matters Finn, but im6 nailed it.

Kate Bush is a great favorite of mine, as is "Baboushka". Thank you! Now I'm just wondering where to find this friend's blog that started all this. Any help?

- Darius

Ralph said...

I'm happy to share Cuidado's blog, Darius: www.cre8tive1.blobspot.com. I'm listening to her latest selections as I write.

im6: I ran across solo Neil and Crowded House in my wanderings yesterday. I was intrigued but had already spent way too much time in front of the computer by then. And now there's Liam! I see I have more screen time ahead of me today. Can't wait!