Monday, February 25, 2008

Beautiful Morning

How the worm has turned. When I was working, I used to dread Mondays--in fact, I could hardly even enjoy Sundays, tainted as they were with the knowledge that I'd soon be back in that necktie harness. Now, with all the work going on in the house during the weekend, my feeling about Monday mornings couldn't be more different. They've become times when I sit back and say, "aaaahhh....." The self-indulgence is delicious. I've spent the past hour or so reading and commenting on all my friends' blogs--there was Cuidado and her fantastic music, and a couple of trips: Zoey's to the vet and Nan's to New York. I identify with both trips--although New York would be anybody's choice over the vet, don't you think?

Our two cats, who never go outside, haven't seen a vet in years, I must confess. They're happy and healthy, and the big yellow one, Nicholas, is always so traumatized just by the sight of the carrier we fear if there ever is something really wrong, it will be made worse by the stress. That happened to us once before with a dear old friend named Napoleon. I've already decided that the next kitty we get will have some phsychology done on him: he'll be taught that the carrier is a fun thing. We'll put him in it outside to watch the birds. Then, just maybe, we won't have the high drama we do now whenever the cat carrier makes an appearance. For the bi-weekly summer trips to Delaware, we just give the cats the run of the car. No carrier. They're sullen some of the way, but they get used to it.

I recorded the Oscars last night to watch a bit of today, zapping through the interminable ads, of course. I already know via the newpaper who and what won. I'm more curious about my man Jon Stewart. He always seems so uncomfortable in the quintessentially showbiz establishment role of hosting that show. It must be the money and the exposure that attract him to the gig....well, who would turn it down? It's fun to see how big a bite he may take out of that generous hand.

And later I will do some "fun" work--get on my hands and knees and wipe dust residue off the hardwood floors with some cleaner. It's an easy job and the reward, shiny, clean floors, is instant. We have a color expert coming this afternoon to advise us on how to paint the rooms. Hope she likes the warmish tan we've put in the living room, because we've already decided it will be in lots of places. But we are open to suggestions for the dining room and the kitchen. I'll post a picture of the living room and den when they're done.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...


I so agree - when I was working, Sunday's were hardly enjoyed. I,tried to fill the day with "activities for me", yet as the clock ticked, the anxiety ticked on - __ more hours to work. Needless to say, there were quite a few Sunday evenings that drew sleepless nites and "worse than usual Monday mornings". Wednesday was a favorite day, marking Thursday and Friday.

At one job, we were doing a bonus week of vacation as long weekends. It took me several years to reach that cherished Monday off. Taking a Friday off was a total waste as most offices had an easier pace on Friday. Monday off felt "just like you described in your post".


Cuidado said...

If you have tan, how about terra cotta?

Ralph said...

Actually, Cuidado, a terra cotta is what is below the chair rail.

Ralph said...

Linda, memories of those feelings bring back to mind what I always used to say, "Is this any way to live???"

Work got OK as the week progressed, but it was always a big and unwelcome adjustment. Fridays were fun because things slowed down and I'd slip out early. But every day of the week to look forward to instead of just one is a lot better!

Anonymous said...

I cannot even find words to describe what Zoey now looks like with no fur. The other cat Maggy attacked her viciously, so bad I had to pull her off Zoey by using a choke hold. Now both cats are separated. Really didn't plan on that. The vet says she can smell the sedation in the sweat glands and it aggravates their smell. Huh. Looks like this week has started off very badly down here.