Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two virtual worlds

Sorry I was absent yesterday. I was writing, but not here. Since the new Peace Corps Worldwide site is up and running now, I felt a responsibility to put something there besides the introductory post I'd written months ago, and that took up all my writing mojo for the day. I've added a link to the new site over on the sidebar under "check these out ("Ralph's Notes From The Rainbow Room"). If it's a weekday and you don't see me here by 11 AM Eastern, check over at the other site if you're so inclined. At this stage I'm thinking that'll happen maybe once a week. Yesterday's post was a re-do and slight expansion of the one I did here a few weeks ago about gay marriage. It's better.

It's a whole different blogosphere over there, where things are actually expected of me (as opposed to here, where I just do what the hell I want). I feel I should be more focused and professional in tone, less chatty than here, and that speaks to the quality of the wonderful friendships I've gained here at Transition. You make me feel welcome--over there I'm expecting to feel judged. It's all very new still, and as far as the actual writing goes, I welcome the opportunity to exercise some new muscles. One thing is sure: I won't be bending the eyes of that audience with my ongoing real estate soap opera. What else is Days of Transition, after all, you lucky people?

There's still snow on the ground but the temperatures are inexorably rising. They're prediciting the 70s for the weekend. I was hoping we could have the house sold before I had to get out and do any landscaping work, but it looks like I'll be mulching and putting a few annuals in before long. I'm also going to be doing something I never do: paint! We've decided that the front porch, chipped and fading as it is, must be spruced up before we can show this place with any confidence, and Steve just can't do everything by himsellf. I'm happy to be able to contribute, and there's not too much I can do wrong. I may need an extra gallon, though, just to make up for all the paint I get on me instead of the wood!


Mim said...

I too am not the painter here in this couple... I did try this morning but D is painting away now to correct my mistakes. Oh well.. I can do lots of things better than he can and that he dislikes to do! So sorry you have to paint, but hope the nice weather in these parts makes it bearable.

Ralph said...

Thanks, Mim. The other reward is that the job will be DONE!

Zoey and Me said...

That's a kewl website over at PC. I've emailed it to Peace Corps parents we know, my daughter who served in Zimbabwe, and some friends who, like me, were never invited to serve in the PC but applied. Maybe when I retire they will find me. Who came up with the headline Rainbow Room?

Ralph said...

Z&M, you applied to the Peace Corps? What happened? Did you talk to a recruiter? I'm surprised you didn't get in because they were very anxious to save young men from the draft in those days, and if they could take me, a French major with no skills whatsoever, and think I could go to Panama to talk up business co-ops (my first assignment, which I ended up training for but not going to), they could take anybody!

"Notes From Tne Rainbow Room" was my idea. You like it?

Zoey and Me said...

I found you right away! I applied three times to Peace Corps and nothing. The recruiter I spoke with kept delaying action on my app till I was drafted. End of story.