Monday, March 16, 2009

A great weekend!

We got a tremendous amount accomplished over the weekend--it feels like we took quantum leaps towards readying the house for sale. Steve is almost finished painting the kitchen--just a bit of trim left and this never-ending house-painting job is done. And as if that weren't enough, my sister Marie donated an entire room in her house for us to store boxes and a few sticks of furniture until we are ready to move. So Saturday morning while Steve painted, I loaded the SUV with boxes from the garage and the basement--in the process making those two spaces miraculously navigable again--and took them out to Marie's. (Sixty miles round trip.) We finished that job on a return trip later in the evening, during which we celebrated Marie's birthday--a dinner which I made. When I wasn't packing and moving boxes Saturday I was getting a dish of ziti ready to bake, making salad dressing and chopping veggies, Steve having painted the "business end" of the kitchen first to make room for me. (I'd already baked a birthday cake--carrot--the day before.)

I'll be finishing my part of painting the porch this week after the weather dries and warms, and Steve will finish the rest next weekend. Then it's a bit of siding repair, putting some leaf mulch in the gardens and a big house-cleaning, and we'll be ready to open the place up to the highest bidder.

Meanwhile, this is the last week that all of Steve's co-workers will be in one place, here in the DC office, so we're having a major dinner party Wednesday night. Guess what's on the menu? Baked ziti, salad, and carrot cake! I figure I've got all them down to an art by now. And the dinner party will necessitate more packing, because all the kitchen stuff is in the dining room while the kitchen is being painted. We'll decide what to return to the kitchen and what to box up. There's still tons more packing to do, of course, but from now on whatever boxes we fill up will be going with us when we go wherever we're going when we sell the house--either to a local apartment if it's before Steve job ends (in 87 days!), or to a rental in North Carolina.

We're coming to crunch time. I thought we'd never get here!


Nan said...

Sounds like my favorite kind of weekend. The reward is in all that is accomplished! Congratulations. You are moving along... and it sounds like it feels good.

Anonymous said...

How's the market up there? You gonna list it for a Spring sale? Glad it's all coming together. Lost my puter to a virus today and had it in the shop all day so will be late posting tomorrow. Without ones computer I am screwed for the week, work wise. And also a few dedicated hours to job search. Something has to happen down here.

Ralph said...

Ouch! Sorry about the computer, Z&M. I don't know what I'd do without mine and I'm not even looking for a job!

Hate to rub it in but the market up here seems to be not too bad. the proof will be when we put this place on the market, but houses are moving. It does seem like it's going to be a spring showing, but that wasn't our original plan. Just turning out that way.

Good luck, friend.

splendid said...

i am so happy for you and steve ~ best of luck in the coming weeks
onward and upward!

Ralph said...

Thank you, Splendid! If you wait around long enough, there has to be some good news, right?

Via your comment at the Rainbow Room, I've discovered your blog after all these years of seeing you at Kat's and my spaces with no link! It looks like a beautiful place and I've subscribed via bloglines. Don't hide your light under a barrel, sweetheart!