Monday, March 23, 2009

Crunch Time

I'm afraid I won't be here much to kick around this week. I'm faced with a compression of "must-dos" brought on by a combination of circumstances: our being in North Carolina from Thursday to Sunday buying the land and talking to builders, and our real estate agent being on a long-planned vacation during much of April. The Realtor is coming today at noon to photograph the house for his brochure and the online virtual tour, so I've got last-minute cleaning and re-arranging to do.

Plants have to be taken out of the bathroom upstairs--their sun room--and then cleaned up after.

The porch spindles need another coat of paint--I'll do that when it warms up this afternoon. They're ranged at the moment all over the deck out back, so they'll have to be put someplace out of the way for the picture, then moved back so I can paint them.

The front of the house and the porch floor need to be hosed down and washed of all the urban grime collected since the last time we did it, five years ago.

And somewhere in the middle of this I've got to schedule the 40,000 mile service on my car, to be completed by Thursday.

I'll try to check in maybe Wednesday...wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Get that cute little house on the market Ralphy. February home sales here was 5% up over February last year. That's rather surprising. The stats came out today that Florida is starting to climb. I sincerely hope so. Check with your Realtor and see if the same is happening up there. Good Luck!

Ralph said...

Good news for you, Z&M, and definitely the same thing up here. Houses are actually getting multiple offers and having escalation clauses written into their contracts! That's just like the old "bubble" days! We're optimistic.

The house goes on the market April 6.

Cuidado said...

Goodness, good luck and good luck again.

Nan said...

Nothing like some must-dos to get things rolling! I have a very good feeling about your upcoming home sale!

Ralph said...

Thanks, Nan. Stay tuned!

Ralph said...

Thanks, Cuidado.

Mim said...

Thinking of you during your crunch time. Hope you are both well and hanging in there with all of the things on your 'to do' lists.

Ralph said...

Thanks, Mim. As the week rolled out I ended up putting off some of those things until this week, when I was hoping it would be a bit warmer. The painting and house-washing will definitely be done this week!

Now, with all the recent rain and warmer weather, the grass needs cutting, too!