Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Uh-oh--a couple of rants!

It's amazing how busy looking after a little bit of money can make you. Well, that, and life's little necessities like emission inspection, library checkouts and grocery shopping. I deposited the check from the sale of the property this morning. A cashier's check will be held for 10 days! For those 10 days while we can't access those funds, the bank will be making money off of them. One more shiv in the little guy.

And while I'm ranting: I just learned that Ken Starr, that smut peddler of Clinton-Lewinsky fame, will be defending Proposition 8 before the California Supreme Court--that's the attempt to undo the law that allows same-sex marriages in that lovely state and even forcibly divorce the 18,000 couples who are now married. As I've mentioned in this space before, the whole question of marriage for anyone at all is up in the air for me. The controversy surrounding those of good faith who want to marry but can't has caused many of us to re-examine the entire institution and what it really means. But the very people who want "smaller government" and who claim to want to be left alone to make their own decisions are the ones who presume to stick their noses into my private affairs and tell me they're illegal! A more appropriately slimy character than Kenneth Starr to spearhead such an effort could not be found.


Anonymous said...

That George Bush and the Patriot Act are holding your money so yeah, the banks make their interest for 10 days. Wished I'd known. Here in Florida we have Title Companies wire overnight our equity checks, commission money, right into the account. Guess what? No Patriot Act. You get your funds to use next day. We had to do it because the State requires us to pay cash to our employees day of closing. How can we if we had to wait 10 days? Hence our corporate attorney met with his bank manager and walla, instant wire which by the way also is wired to our agents so they get paid same day. Ken Starr. Makes me wanna puke.

Ralph said...

Sounds like you guys found the right way to worm your $$$ direct to you. Wish it was available to Joe Q. But I think these holds were around before the Patriot Act?