Thursday, February 12, 2009

An Empty Well

Comcast is having big problems these days, at least here in the DC area. They've launched a new email handler named SmartZone, and for those who regularly use the Comcast site to process their email (who does that besides someone who may be traveling and has not loaded Outlook onto their laptop?), it may be the best thing since canned tuna, but for those of us who import email to our own hard drives via Outlook or Outlook Express, it's a disaster. Outlook takes minutes even to connect to Comcast and more minutes to collect email from the site once the connection is made. I sit here for a good quarter-hour just staring at the screen, waiting for something to happen. And it flat refuses to send any email out at all. I took my life in my hands a few minutes ago and called the Comcast "help" desk and was told that the company is actually aware of this situation and is taking down their entire email server to try to address it. Who knows how long this will take? I'll be checking Blogger directly for any comments you may send (you've been staying away in droves lately, by the way, and I can understand why--I've been less than inspired this week to write much of anything....but just in case...) and if you email me directly don't expect my usual quick response.

"SmartZone." Is that anything like "Mission Accomplished"?

Now even Hipcast, normally a trouble-free utility, is having problems. It's been loading a song now for the last 20 minutes. Usually it's a matter of seconds. Oh, what is this wired world coming to????

The wind is blowing absolutely furiously today as colder air displaces the springlike airmass that has been visiting us for the past few days. February is always like this--warm one day and unbearably awful the next. If we ever get snowstorms, the worst come in February.

I apologize for being rather detached lately. I have a case of writer's block which I am trying to fight through on the "use it or lose it" theory, and at times like these you, my dear blog family, visit and don't get much. The truth is there is not much going on here worth writing about except anticipation for this trip to North Carolina, and that is so far to the front of my thoughts that inspiration for good writing in a more general vein isn't coming. Whoever my Muse is, she is apparently vacationing--maybe in North Carolina. The one thing that always fascinates and delights me is my music, and I'm delighted I can still share that, Hipcast problems notwithstanding. Look at it this way: it's one less thing you have to read at the computer!

I promise a yummy Food Friday tomorrow!


Linda - SE PA said...

It was good to settle down and read your commentary this morning. Here in SE PA, the wind is blustery and while it is warmish, the wind makes it "one of those days".

Sounds like a good weekend planned - productive and looking forward to seeing photos and commentary about possibilities.

Writers block - more than likely, your mind is focused on having matters settled once again and planning. From what you've written, it has been a hectic time and you and Steve, surely will need a vacation or lengthy time-out after this is all said and done.

Anxious to hear how the restaurant meal goes. Foodie at heart, loves restaurant reviews as well as reading recipes and looking at food photos.

Ralph said...

Hello, dear friend Linda. You're right about that vacation, even more for Steve than for me, because he's the one burdened by hard work that only leads to the end of his job, and then having to deal with all the painting here. My time will come on the house prep, that's for sure, but it's not now, and it won't last as long as this year-long house repair project has been for Steve.

I'll be happy to report on the restaurants of Edenton, NC!

Nan said...

No apologies necessary, Ralph! Write when the muse is with you, and we'll love ya anyway, even when you have nothing to say.

Ralph said...

Nan, you always say just the thing to make everything OK! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I write a Real Estate blog and that's enough writing for me. I like my Cat blog because it challenges me to find things of interest. People send me stuff too which is kewl. I've got a Yummy soup I found to post on Cat tomorrow. Maybe it will go with your dish Food Friday. If so, that will be our Sunday dinner. Good luck in NC. How far will you be from the coast?

Ralph said...

Z&M, it's about 50 miles from the Outer Banks, not too bad.

Tomorrow's dish is Baked Ziti. Not sure it needs a soup to go with it but I can't wait to see the soup!