Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A rare quiet day

It's cloudy today but we are expecting a high near 70 before the wind picks up and blows winter back in. For the moment I have my window open. I can hear the birds singing as if they were attracting mates and building nests--it's sounding very industrious out there! But the landscape is still winter-drab with nary a trace of green....that's good because I have no ambition to start yard work just yet. This is the first morning in a while that I have been able to be quiet and not think about What I Need To Do.

Things are shaping up for the upcoming drive to North Carolina on Saturday. The agent we've found is working very hard for us and promises quite a tour of available parcels. Against my better judgment I am becoming excited. We've made reservations for dinner at what appears to be the one and only decent restaurant in the town of Edenton. We shall see.

Sorry I have no more inspiration than I appear to have this morning. The most intersting thing I have to share is my music, which I will get to now.

Have a good Wednesday!

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