Saturday, November 15, 2008


It's a schizophrenic mid-November day. The temperature is 72, and the warmth has driven me into a pair of shorts instead of the usual heavy denim uniform. I've opened the windows of the house to release the energy-efficient closeness and allow in some fresh air. In the midst of all this unaccustomed warmth, my Thanksgiving cacti are doing their thing more-or-less on schedule. I love this unusual golden one and have been waiting for a chance to show it to you. The enormous fuschia-colored one will come next, a true Christmas cactus. (I also have cacti that flower in the Spring. I've named them after Easter. All I need is one for the Fourth of July!)

The Kate Clinton gig was just what the doctor ordered last night: shamelessly politically partisan, hilarious, brainy fun, the gleeful irreverence Jon Stewart brings to his nightly observations, but on steroids, if you can imagine such a thing. I can only remember one of the fast-and-furious gags: "The economy is so bad! I went out to buy a toaster and they offered me a bank!" but we were all rolling in the aisles. And it was a wonderful time out, seeing old and treasured friends and catching up. The only thing missing was Steve.

Today it's deathly quiet around here. This is one of extremely few weekends, no more than 10, in nearly 29 years that Steve and I have not been within shouting distance of each other. He's supposed to be here, restless to start some project (and there are plenty) and goading me on in the same direction. Instead, I'm dawdling at my own contemplative pace. I read two newspapers this morning, and then caught up with all the blogs I'd missed during the two days I was buried in my mp3s. (You guys are a prolific, thought-provoking bunch, each fascinating in your own way. It was fun to dive into one big dose.)

Steve will be home, completely worn out from this business trip from hell, on Tuesday. We thought we would be going to Delaware Thursday to sign the contract with the builder (that's a major milestone, folks!) but now Dale tells us the contract won't be ready for another couple of weeks. We'll still have to go, but perhaps for a shorter stay, to close the trailer down, empty the fridge, and get things ready for winter. (And of all goes as we hope and we can finally finish business with the bank, we'll go back to finish emptying the trailer completely to prepare it for demolition. But we'll cross that bridge when it comes, after we find out for sure what we can get for this house. We have an appointment with a Realtor next week that should shed some light in that corner.)

There I go again, talking about houses, trailers, demolitions, builders, money real estate! Aarrgghh.... THERE IS MORE TO LIFE!!!!!

I'll now return to my mental vacation....


Cuidado said...

My fuschia-coloured Christmas Cactus is in full bloom right now too. I brought it into the kitchen for the meantime, so that I can watch it's beautiful display. I don't think I've never seen a golden one before.

Glad you had a good laugh and a good time last night. Laughter IS the best medicine.

Linda (SE PA) said...


Glad to hear you had a good time!

I'm with you about the thinking, thinking when I am involved in a project that has a road ahead that isn't clearly marked. Best thing I've found is to worry when the time comes and just keep adjusting and moving forward. Needless to say, it is easier said than done.

Sense you are really looking forward to Steve coming home! Special meal?

Ralph said...

Glad I'm not tjhe only obsessive one around here, Linda. T think things will settle after we talk to an agent next week and get an idea of what top dollar will be for this house.

Hadn't thought about a homecoming dinner til you brought it up. Good ol' mac "n" cheese the way I make it as a one-dish meal is his fave...

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's Florida Today newspaper had a Real Estate story that said housing values dropped 24% since 2007. Of course homeowners should always go with what is happening in their local markets. Some are stronger than others. New England posted a plus in equity appreciation. You might be in a situation with a change in Admin that brings a host of new people to D.C. I say get that sucker on the market!

Ralph said...

Today's post, which I'm working on now, is about just what you say here, Z&M. The question before us is: as-is or after cosmetic repair? Details in a few minutes. Don't touch that dial!