Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not much today. I am in a not-so-terrific mood, still more-or-less obsessing, this time about the house and our ability to sell it and not, for a change, about job concerns. We're trying to make a huge life decision with blinders on, and that's untenable. We need an outside, professional opinion, and to that end, I've sent a long email to a friend who is in real estate close to, but not in, our immediate marketing area. I've laid out our iffy situation, told him our bottom line, and asked his opinion about what we're trying to do.

We've hesitated to take this step with this particular guy because in addition to being a personal friend he has also been courting our business steadily, obviously with an eye on getting our listing when the time comes. We've made no promises to him, but know nowhere else to turn and are starting to feel desperate. If we do go ahead with the sale and we don't use his services, we may lose a friend. But we'll keep our sanity, and in the end try to make it up to him.

Maybe next time I visit this subject we'll have come to some resolution.


Mim said...

That's an interesting connection to your friend/realtor.
And yes a contractor and bank do take care of the day to day decisions. Either way it's money money money, isn't it!
Yes reading is good and non political tv!

Anonymous said...


This post has lingered in memory.

Wish I had some advice that would soothe anxiety. Yet, history in my life has shown me the errors of being cautious from too much worrying over concerns that may or may not happen. Experience has taught that when a plan is good, it works fairly smoothly - when it isn't, the road becomes bumpy quickly.

We seem to share the same comfort techniques - a good book, tv or a movie. Friends often are the best shoulder to lean on as they often find a perspective/option that may not have been considered.

A suggestion might be to have an A,B,C plan. Hopefully, they will not be needed but having other options to tweak when needed often assist.

Hope your friend is of assistance in giving advice on the sale of the house - although right now, it seems to me, it all comes down to the right house for the right buyer at the right time.