Thursday, September 4, 2008

The best laid plans...

I had had a real brainstorm about filling this space for the next 10 days or so while we are away in Nags Head: republish some of my favorite posts about vacations and some of the memorable trips we have taken, complete with pictures and links to more. They were older posts, and many new readers hadn't seen them; this, I thought, was a perfect way to share my sense of being on vacation and bring everyone up to date at the same time. There would be no music because Hipcast doesn't yet have a "delayed publish" feature, but that would be the only difference.

I set about that task yesterday. Comcast was having one of the worst days I'd ever seen, up for sporadic seconds and then down for minutes, all day long. I slogged through it, finding the eleven posts (including good recipes) I deemed worthy of re-runs. Between bouts of sitting before a dead computer screen for interminable periods, I made a few changes in each entry and posted them with consecutive future dates, using blogger's delayed publishing feature. The whole production took a couple of hours. When I was done, I pressed "view blog"--and discovered all those posts had published yesterday. Blogger had ignored the consecutive future dates. Thinking I had made a mistake, I deleted all the incorrect posts to start all over again.

It was only at that point that I discovered that blogger didn't regard those re-worked posts as copies, but as new, stand-alone posts. I hadn't just deleted the incorrectly dated posts, but the originals, too! Australia, gone! New Zealand, gone! Cowan's Gap, Nags Head, gone, gone!!

OK, I think I've used enough exclamation points to describe my feelings yesterday. Between the damn ISP itself and blogger, I was not at my best. Finally, my friend Nan suggested I look into the Google cache, and some exploration there points to a way of salvaging the writings. I won't be able to restore them to the blog, but at least I can save them to my own drive and have them, which is something I've been meaning to do with all my posts, anyway.

So a word to my wise fellow bloggers: don't get too comfortable with this powerful tool we all use. When it wants to screw you, it can, and there's not a single human voice you can turn to. Be careful!

It'll be over and out after tomorrow--we'll be driving south, probably into Hurricane Hannah (sounds like a song) on Saturday, and I will be back at this computer on Tuesday September 16. I'll be checking in sporadically and leaving my ubiquitous comments you-know-where, so don't think you've heard the last of me! I'll be watching when I can, and I'll be full of stories and pictures when I get back.



Kat said...

Have a wonderful time!

Ralph said...

Thanks, Kat.

Mim said...

Great post.. yes isn't technology like you said.
You tried at least!
Have a great great time in Nags Head and get all those cobwebs outta your head by soaking in sea and sand. It really does that doesn't it?
Yes that would be a shame if your old posts are gone forever.
Hope you can revive them somehow.
We are headed to NoVA this wknd for a little get away as it seems a week or so vacation isn't gonna happen anytime soon.

Ralph said...

Thanks loads, Mim. Don't let Hannah get the best of you on I-81!

Peewit said...

Enjoy your trip. If it is any consolation I haven't worked out how to delay post yet either!
P.s. if you have time I've posted some pictures of Wales on my blog

Ralph said...

Thanks, Peewit. Actually, I have figured out the delayed publishing and have done it a few times before, it's just that this time it didn't work. Made it all the more galling after having gained confidence in it.

I checked out the pics--that's an impressive enough mountain, friend! Looks like it might be fun to climb--what a view you'd get! I'm glad you had such a good time.

Cuidado said...

There is a feature where you can email all your Blogger posts to an email account. It is in your settings. Make a new google email acct and it acts as storage in case something like that happens again.

Ralph said...

Cuidado, that's important info I had no idea about. I'll save this email until I get home so I can be reminded of it. Thanks loads.

Peggy said...

Enjoy your trip! Don't worry about the computer. These things have a way ofg working out somehow. Relax and have a nice time!