Monday, May 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished

We went to North Carolina this weekend to find a place to live while our new home is being constructed, and we did it. We now have a temporary forwarding address in North Carolina, and the little place above is it. Very conveniently, our builder will be our landlord, too. He is rehabbing the place now. We looked at two houses, but this, the smaller one, came out the winner because of its two-car garage (storage!) and a dining room we won't use (more storage!). What really sold us, though, is the fact that it adjoins a farm. Our nearest living neighbors will be goats and chickens, and a rooster's crow will awaken us. I can't wait. Here are a couple more pictures.

I mentioned that we had the final appraisal on the house Friday. We should have the results today or tomorrow, and, assuming we can live with them, I will start in earnest with closing old accounts and setting up new ones, forwarding mail, changing health insurance--all the administrative details of life that must be attended to. The biggest challenge I'm anticipating is the internet provider/cable company down there, only because dealing with Comcast here is always such a pain. But starting with the iced tea, everything in the south is sweeter. We'll see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Nice, comfy, place to hang out Ralph. Watch out for dem horse flies. They bite, big time. And I pray you are lucky with the appraisal. The one I have in the works was already assigned to Murphy of Murphy's Law fame. Apparently banks have a new rule, thanks to Cuomo in NY (son not Dad). The appraisal I'm involved with was put to a third party who found a person licensed in St Cloud, miles from the subject property, not even in Brevard County, to do the appraisal. I can see where this is going. Hope the VA laws do not have to follow Cuomo or you might have gotten some guy from Philly. Let us all know how it goes and I'll do the same.

Ralph\ said...

I was worried about that, too, Z&M, but the guy was familiar with this area--I asked. He did appraisals for the entire area from here to outer VA and into MD. We'll see. Didn't come in today.

nan said...

Cute and cozy place Ralph. Looks sunny, and I hope everything with the appraisal will come up roses.

Linda - SE PA said...

Congrats on finding a nice temp home! You will adjust to the meaning of rise and shine - with the rooster's. They like to rise early.

Whew... this appraisal stuff has my head spinning reading the comments. Hoping all goes well!

How will you keep the heirloom flowers/plants while you are in transition from one place to the other? Will you ground plant them at temp house?

Ralph said...

Hi, Linda. Still waiting for the appraisal--hopefully today, but I've learned nothing happens when you think it will.

Yes, we'll heel the flowers in at the rental place. Behind the bushes there in the front there are a couple of planters on the porch, and we figure the dirt there among the landscape plantings will keep some of them alive, too, until we have our own yard. Timing then will be an issue, too, since the house and grounds will probably be finished in the dead of winter. Since our builder is also our landlord, we're hoping he'll let us keep our plants in place until a suitable time comes to transplant them. (Ideally, that would be the fall--we'll see.)