Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another waiting game

More about the house today, of course. I have something new to worry about. The buyer's bank won't approve her loan until a new appraisal is done on the house. They have until May 22 (9 days from today) to complete the appraisal--that is, come to the house to do it and turn in the results. At the same time, we hear that appraisers are so busy now they need lots of lead time, certainly more than 9 days. We have a sort of dam building up of contracts and other commitments that we can't make until we know this thing is going to happen. We're going to North Carolina this weekend to choose a rental house. We can't commit to it. We can't sign contracts with the builder or the mover. We can't act to close down accounts with utilities. And on and on.

Meanwhile there are things we can do. Today (instead of when I thought I'd do it on Monday) I will paint the wine cellar with Kilz to get rid of mildew. We actually think a wine cellar is supposed to be a little musty, but if the buyer wants pristine, she'll have pristine. We've left the door to the cellar open the last two days to let dryer air in, and have been running a fan in it. It's as dry as it's going to get now.

I also have to buy a couple of things for the move itself. We will leave here after closing on June 19, but the movers won't arrive with our furniture (including beds) until the next day. Today I'm buying an aerobed so we can sleep in the house on the night of the 19th, instead of in a hotel. (We'll have the cats with us.) We'll also have all the food we haven't consumed by June 18, so I need to by another cooler.

Does anybody know how to move a fish?????


Kat said...

I'm sorry your woes are continuing. I hope this is a small snag. At least you know the woman i still interested.

As for the fish:

Ralph said...

Thanks, Kat. I talked to one of our agents after I wrote this morning and am a bit easier about it.

And thanks for the websites. Michele also chimed in with some practical advice, having "packed" fish herself. I think our little cichlid will survive.

Ravel said...

I wonder why your transition is so hard to do. What have you done to the Gods? Hope all will work out allright ... and soon!
Today was my turn for the notary. Nonetheless, me was very nervous...

Ralph said...

Ravel, I think things will go a=OK for us. It just appears we have a buyer who is methodical to the point of being glacial. I learned today she'd been looking for a house for 2 1/2 years before she finally decided on this one! She took too lonbg to choose a bank, which in turn made it too late for the bank to find an appraiser quickly. But our agent tells us we needn't worry, so OK, I won't.