Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day!

Of course, I'm sure all of you organized folks have finished your taxes, so I write this as a gentle commiseration, not a reminder.

Actually, we've always done our taxes as soon as all of our 1040s and income statements come in because we just love that refund! For years we've treated our tax refund as an early-in-the-year windfall. We sock it away in an interest-bearing account and then draw on it for mad money during most of the rest of the year.

For just as many years we've been told by friends more bound by logic than we are that the fact that we get such big refunds every year means we're letting Uncle Sam take too much out of our paychecks in the first place. They are, of course, absolutely right, and I hope they enjoy the extra few bucks they get and promptly spend every payday. For us, the sightly-bigger-than-necessary tax deduction amounts to another automatic savings account and we wouldn't have it any other way. And it's patriotic! Gives the government a little extra cash to play around with. Yah!

I've just about had it with this cold and rainy weather. Today is supposed to be the last day of it for a while and we are promised a decent weekend. We were hoping our real estate agents would schedule an open-house this coming weekend, but they have scheduling conflicts which will push that event to the 26th. They're planning a coffee/ brunch to take advantage of our beautiful springtime deck and back yard, so it's probably just as well that it's put off for a week. It means extra time to clean up the maple helicopter seeds that are beginning to fall all over the deck and their millions....

I'm having lunch on Capitol Hill in DC today with Hélène, a dear Peace Corps colleague who is always good for at least one big laugh, so there is at least a little light in this otherwise dreary day. If you're in the Eastern U.S., I hope there is some in yours, too.


Anonymous said...

Great song . . enjoy your lunch on the Hill, wish I were there. I used to love friday fish at the restaurant in the Hyatt.

We started random Open House drills here in Central Florida. It is paying off too. We pick odd hours weekdays, no ads, just put stick in signs on major roadways leading the prospect into the community and to the house. We sit on them 3-4 hours at a time, one of our agents uses the vacant ones as a field office and opens it 9-4 daily. He's sold three already and we have a record of selling 1 out of three listings ourselves. The numbers are skewed because some listings can't be shown that way especially the hi rises or condos on the water where you need an agent at the door to let the prospects in. Exclude those difficult access listings and our numbers are even better.

Two couples from D.C. will be here for spring break starting Saturday, one from Nashville, so I'm hoping for their sake our weather improves. Today looks like we will climb to 80.

Ralph said...

Wow, great record and technique for open houses, Z&M! I can see why that would work with the huge inventory that you have down there--stand out from the crowd! Congrats!