Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Monday

Looks like I'll be busy today doing things that need to be done, and that's good. I can only hope that includes showing the house, but I never know about that until the day is well underway, usually in the afternoon. We have decent weather at the moment, but yet another system of rain is due to arrive in the afternoon and stick around through Wednesday. Well, the flowers, at least, are really enjoying this wet, cool weather. Our daffodils all blooming at once now, practically choking themselves out, but they'll survive....they're so cheerful I thought they'd brighten your day, too.

As I write I am also freecycling. Our garage is filling up again with things we don't need, and I am getting the usual instantaneous responses, so every now and then my email chimes and I have to stop writing here to arrange for a pickup. Wish the house would sell so fast! (Hmm....maybe if we gave it away...d'oh!)

One of the things happening today was unexpected and definitely not welcome: the replacement of our furnace. Since we hadn't had our HVAC checked in a couple of years and the house is on the market, I thought an inspection would be prudent. Well. Turns out the furnace motor is leaking oil and the exhaust duct leading to the outside is rotting. The technician showed me where the problems are--merely touching the duct tube brought a cloud of corroded, rusty particles. He stated the obvious, that an engineer doing an inspection would never advise a potential purchaser to the buy the house with the furnace as-is, so we have no choice. It's a wonder we didn't have a case of carbon monoxide poisoning. Four thousand bucks! No sooner did we get our credit card out of the stratosphere than it heads right back up because of a thing like this. And there's no real way we can recoup this expense, since a furnace is a basic necessity. Whaddayagonnado???

So now I'll post my sunshine music and then cut the grass. It's growing like topsy in this rainy weather.


Linda - SE PA said...

The daff's are wonderful!

Ouch on the furnace but better now than with a buyer in hand. Glass half-full philosophy is good for this morning.

I love when the flowers bloom - this mornings jigsaw puzzle at Colonial Williamsburg site had wonderful flowers! The other day was baby lambs...

Fingers crossed as always for a quick sale.

Ralph said...

Linda, Re: furnace: embarrassing with a buyer in hand!

Jeff said...

Ralph - ya know, it's like my mother's philosophy that you should always have clean underwear in case you get hit by a bus and have to go to the emergency room. No matter how good you look on the outside, if the internal "mechanics" are suspect, so's the rest of the house.

It sucks that you have to do this so close to the sale. But I feel for you. I'm about to make the last payments on my son's car and he's now got a blown engine (100K+). New motor - about the same as your HVAC repair. Selling "as is" really bites... :)

Ralph said...

Jeff: Ouch on the car! I won't ask how the blown engine came to be....but will admit I was an irresponsible driver when I was your sons age and blew the engine in my car, too. But it was a very old (even then) VW Beetle. No big ooss to my parents. We just totaled the car.

Zoey and Me said...

My sister left a fur coat on the engine of my VW Beetle to keep the engine warm in the winter, had 166,000 miles on it and it burned up in the middle of Memorial Bridge as she forgot to remove it. Even the sky reporter for WWDC told a dumb blond joke on the air . . . it was my sister he was talking about. I feel your pain.

Lucky you on the furnace. Please know that if the Buyer had it inspected and it failed the replacement to them would be $25,000 off the price, not a mere one thousand to fix or buy a new one. You got off light. Better check anything else in that house that's more than five years old. How 'bout the roof?

Love the flowers. I think I like that best of all on your post this morning. Makes me wish I were back there. Good one Ralph!

Ralph said...

Glad you like the posys, Z&M. There'll be more as different ones bloom.

Yeah, you're right about the furnace, except it was $4000 instead of $1000. The water heater is a bit old, but it's given no trouble and we've taken out a warranty to cover both us while we're showing the house and the buyer for one year after purchase. (The warranty includes the water heater.) Roof is only a year old, and kitchen appliances are five years or under.