Monday, March 24, 2008


We start our bi-weekly treks to Delaware this coming Thursday. Can't wait! It's still a bit chilly, with night-time temps in the 30s and 40s, but it's very cozy in the little trailer in such weather, great for sleeping. It's fun to smell up the little place with stews or maybe a pot of chili. We'll set about cleaning up for the summer, we'll get the boat into the water and go for a freezing cold ride to see what people have been up do along the creek out to Rehoboth Bay. And we'll get back in touch with old friends and hit a restaurant or two. We may do a lot of work when we're there, but somehow every bit of it is fun. Whatever we do, it's just because we want to. No matter what we end up doing with it, buying that place was the best thing we ever did. It's a quick and regular getaway, and it represents a new beginning. Remember, the picture you see when you open this page is of sunset from our pier. A view like that every day can bring joy into your life, wouldn't you say? That's why I put it there, for you and for me.

We are still in limbo on Steve's job situation--we expect various shoes to drop any day. The bottom line is that he will be out of work before the end of the year, just a matter of months before we had been planning, and those months change everything. Alternatives we come up with--and the real estate market--will tell the rest of the tale. Some of the alternatives hinge on what things his company may or may not be willing to do for him. We're waiting to hear.

Today I will clean up from the weekend paint job in the dining and powder rooms, and get the house back in order once again.

A day in the life......


Anonymous said...


I have been enjoying the daily flow of your posts- they have been interesting and reflective.

So - off to Delaware are ye? Sounds like much fun and I sense that the enjoyment of the work you will do while there adds to the "nearness" of the relo.

Whew - can only imagine this "lingering of decision" where Steve's job is concerned.


Kat said...

I'm sorry about Steve's situation. I know the planning you've both been doing.

Going to that trailor of your is just the ticket to refresh the spirits of both of you. Wander through a few antique stores. Buy those birds or whatever they were (I don't quite remember)you both keep looking at in that shop in Maryland.

Enjoy the sunsets!

Kat said...
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Ralph said...

Linda, good to hear from you. Leet's just hope that relo is near.

Kat, thanks for the good wishes. Being there is a refresher, thqt's for sure, and we need it.

Anonymous said...

We loved our house on the river but not the fish kills. Later we bought two acres and built the house we are in now. I think we now say we love the woods more than we did the river. It's so peaceful here.

Ralph said...

Z&M: fishkills! Eeww. I hope that doesn't happen to us! As it happens, the smallish water we're on is a nursery for young creatures. At any time you can look into the water and see hundreds and hundreds of dime-sized jellyfish (remember calling them "sea nettles" when you livd here?) and the crabs we catch off the pier are all little. If they all died at once we'd have quite the smell...

you lived here?)