Sunday, March 9, 2008


I have to admit that between the house being in a state of constant disarray and Steve's shaky job situation, it's felt like a perfect storm of crap around for the past week or so, and my mood as not been the best. I'm feeling much better today and here's why. The living room and den project is finally done! We're overjoyed with the results and can only look forward to how the rest of the house will eventually look. Here's the den:

In the den pics, note that the beloved Big Chair and French Clock are where once again where they belong. The clock still isn't working, but that will change very soon.

So. The job situation is still as ominous, but at least we have a more pleasant place to stew about it in!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I've already written quite a bit here. Next stop: the dining room!


Anonymous said...

Looks lovely! So inviting. Is that a wood burning fireplace? I didn't leave one off my list when we built the house down here. People think I'm crazy to have a fireplace in Florida but hey, I missed having one in the first house we bought. Besides, it's what we wanted and it comes in handy in the week or so when temps drop into the 40s.

Kat said...

It looks great. I love the wall colors. Please give my compliments to the artist!

Ralph said...

Thanks, Z&M. Yep, real wood burning fireplace. We put it on ourselves!

Message conveyed, Kat. Thanks.

Mim said...

Thanks for the 'help' on the ipod transferring. Got to begin that tedious task as we may be going overseas again.. this way I can take all my music with me.
If you don't mind to keep uS posted on your LP transfers sure am interested as to how that progresses.. may have to do that too.
I'd never tell.. I think that paint over wallpaper is a grand idea. I did our kitchen this past summer.. stripped vinyl. Next time I will do the paint over it as well. The pics look great.. your colors are lovely. Job and moving and house/buying/selling are so stressful.. we've been through all 3 this past year and an international move after 5 yrs overseas.

Ralph said...

Glad to help, Mim. I'm still waiting to hear from Marchbanks with his instructions on the LP ripping.

When you get around to painting over the paper, give me a holler. Got some hints on that, too!

Thanks for the compliments on the colors. We're very happy with them.

Nan said...

Who knew wallpaper covered the walls!? Very elegant - great job!!

Ralph said...

Better yet, Nan, who knew paint's covering the wallpaper!

Anonymous said...


The photos are wonderful! The colors are warm and wonderful - the lighting makes you want to sit and curl up and just enjoy.

And it makes the chaos of recent times all worth it.


Ralph said...

Thank you, Linda!
And you're right--it seems all the better because of teh process of getting there.

Ravel said...

In French, we say "chaleureux" (not only because of the fireplace!). I like it.
Please, relax a bit before getting to another room!

Ralph said...

Ravel: Chaleureux = warm?

SheilMack said...

Ralph, what struck my eye is your Governor Winthrop desk. My husband is in the process of refurbishing one that has been in his family for many years and was left to wrack & ruin (he told me his mother used to jam it with old bills and older clothes). It looks like the twin of yours. One problem we have been unable to solve is a broken, for want of a better word, hinge. It's extremely convoluted looking and only says "patent applied for". We have looked everywhere for a replacement, but no luck. Guess he'll have to jury-rig one (unless you have a spare one hanging around?). Any suggestions from Steve?

Ralph said...

Hmm...not sure which hinge you're talking about, my various hauntings of junque/antique stores I've noticed that this desk is extremely common. This was my mother's--didn't know that "Governor Winthrop" name-she used it daily to pay bills, talk on the phone, everything. It's strictly an accent piece for us. Not sure I'd have bought it myself, but like many other things of its ilk we've inherited, it has tended to dictate the style we feel we have to follow.

Anyhoo. If I were you I'd go into a few antique furniture stores and see what I could find. (And of course, there's always google. Guess you've tried that...) Also, antique hardware websites. I can't imagine a replacement would be too hard to come by. Good luck in your search!