Sunday, June 20, 2010

A very special song

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Ralph said...

This song is from Buffy Sainte-Marie's second album, "Many a Mile." The LP was originally released in 1965. It is no longer in print and the label, Vanguard, has never issued a CD of it, though it digitized and released the rest of its Sainte-Marie catalogue in the 90s.

The only version available now of "Piney Wood Hills" is a terrible country-western cover Buffy did much later. If you never heard this beautiful acoustic version (with lead guitar played by a great but now totally forgotten Daddy Bones) you'd never know how good the song really is. It was the very first song I ever heard Buffy Sainte-Marie do, and I was totally hooked. This song is a perfect marriage of her melodic gift with her trademark passion.

Thanks, Kat, for digitzing my LP for me. It only took three years; the wait was worth it.