Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life in the country

We live about two miles away from this view, the downtown waterfront of Edenton. For my morning walks I now hop into my car and drive into town, where this spectacle awaits. The first thing I do is walk all the way out on the concrete fishing pier, where nothing separates me from the water, just to savor the sight. It was exceptionally clear this morning: I could see the land on the far side. The water is Albemarle Sound, the huge, shallow bay that separates North Carolina's barrier islands--famous as the Outer Banks--from the mainland. After seeing the water, I turn north up the main drag, Broad Street, and walk straight for about 20 minutes before choosing a side street to explore. Each house in this lovely town seems more beautiful and gracious than the last. I've never seen the mansions of Charleston or the fabled squares of Savannah, but Edenton will do just fine until I do. When our house is finished we will be living about twenty miles away from this lovely place. We'll miss it, but we'll always know it's here for the occasional visit.

Yesterday, my next door neighbor--that's the one with the goats and the chickens--came over to tell me he was selling his sweet corn. A whole trailer load of it, $2 a dozen for the biggest ears you've ever seen. I paid for a dozen and got fifteen. We ate four of them last night for dinner and the rest will go into a special salad I'll show you this coming Friday. Sweet and crunchy, all it needed was a little butter. It just doesn't get any better.

Today we go to the big city--Elizabeth City--to check out some flooring for the new house and do a little shopping. Then it'll be back here to the goats and the chickens. Care to join us?


Cuidado said...

Definitely sounds like life in the country. I'm so hoping you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Ralph said...

So far so good, Cuidado. The good is outweighing the bad.

Linda - SE PA said...

I let out a sigh of envy on the photo of the water. I lived "up the hill" from the harbor and while I didn't have a water view, all that was needed was a walk down the hill and through the park.

Seems like this may be your "lazy, hazy days of summer" while awaiting your new home. Sounds very good to me!

Ralph said...

Hi, Linda! Like I said, we'll miss this nice little place when we have to leave it, but the consolation will be our own water view right off the back deck--not to mention the dock--oh, and the boat! Edenton will be here for the little shops and restaurants...

Anonymous said...

I've been to Edenton. We took a mini honeymoon to the outer banks while Ann's parents watched the kids and your description plus the waterfront photo really brought back that memory. I had to call Ann and show her. We also have been to Elizabeth City and I recall a year round Christmas store in a place not far from there called Manatee something. You may want to check it out. Lovely countryside. I would have thought a place like that would have developed out. It looks more like Mayberry from your town photo.

Ralph said...

There are a few year-round Christmas places in thesee parts, Z&M--they seem to be popular--so it's hard to know which one you may have seen.
Edenton is indeed more Mayberry than the original Mayberry--Mt. Airy, which we passed en route to Ohio last week and appears to be a pretty big place these days. Edenton doesn't appear depressed, though. Elizabeth City is a different story. All the development has taken place in the suburban rings, while the downtown is begging for redevelopment. Sad. Fine old homes reasdy for rehabbing, a downtown with potential but pretty shabby at the moment.

Peewit said...


given your interest in Elbow I pass on this review I've just read.

Hope they recorded this for future broadcast/release it sounds fantastic.

I've attached this to blog as I wasn't sure if your e-mail address would work but there are other of your readers who like Guy Garvey et al and would be keen to read this

Ralph said...

Peewit, I am filled with envy that these guys are so bug over there they can draw these adoring crowds and reviews. The description of the concert gave me goosebumps just imagining the sound. I am very curious what "surprise" could be in store for the next show...maybe some new material?

Thanks so much for sharing--I hope these performances are being recorded.

Email: it still works, so feel free. (All blog comments are sent to my email inbox.) But thanks for posting this one on the blog.

BTW, I have one beef with Elbow: their internet police told blogger to remove my postings of their songs, so I can no longer share them here. If ever there was a case of artists shooting themselves in the foot, this is one. Elbow has the merest fingernail hold in any American audience at all--they are essentially nowhere here, completely unknown. They need all the help they can get. I know for a fact that I generated at least two US sales for them via this blog. But no more. They and Teddy Thompson, another great Brit barely hanging on here (if he's known at all it's thanks to his friendship with Rufus Wainwright, who also struggles for an audience here) are being very short-sighted. Or at least their management are.

Peewit said...

I think you'll find it is the overzealous record company rather than the band themselves.

I presume you have been "DCMA'd". there is a very popular blog here who had music removed by a DCMA notice that had been posted on the blog at the request of the artist himself!

This is one reason Why I don't post music on my site (I know I don't post much at all these days!)

BTW did you get the link to my Venice Photos just before you moved? If you didn't I'll resend it

Ralph said...

DCMA, that's it, Peewit. They must be engaged by some part of an act's management--the label, or somebody.

No, the Venice pictures must have fallen through the cracks. I'd love to see them.