Thursday, January 8, 2009


I'm having an adventure this morning. Between answering the phone and emails, and uploading music for today's posts, I'm playing with Winamp, the free, all-the-bells-and-whistles media storage facility that outstrips Itunes in so many ways, sound quality not the least. I'm in the midst of learning how to sync my Ipod with Winamp, and had to stop because I wanted to put something here. (If any of you have experience with Ipod-Winamp interface, I'd love to hear about it.) Must keep the writing gears lubricated!

I've also had some fun the last couple of days making a new e-friend, somebody who chanced upon a song that struck a chord and got in touch to thank me. He's thinking of starting a blog, and that gave me a chance to tell him how I got into it nearly a year ago via Kat, and about the unexpected bonus of finding a new category of friends--people who know me only by my written word and the music I choose to play--and I know them the same way. In some says we reveal more of ourselves here, both consciously and otherwise, than we do in our flesh-and-blood existences. You see what's in my mind, but not how I move and react in the physical world; others see only that and none of what you see. All this makes for an existence more rounded and richer than was once available to the run-of-the-mill, non-published writer, and it's a net plus, in my book. Far from alienating people from each other, I've found the computer to be a boon, a means to enrichment previous generations could never have dreamed of. Aren't we lucky?

The sun is finally coming out today, but of course with it comes cold winds. We're expecting another dip in the temperature over the next few days, but even this early in the year the days are lengthening visibly and the promise of more clement weather is there. I'll be going out in it in a minute or two to collect provisions for the evening meal....


Zoey and Me said...

Do you shop daily? I used to and it was fun to come home with a surprise dinner. Or if the fried checken in the deli hit on me, I'd make a simple dish for the crew that night. Now because of our 95 year old Mom in Law, I stick to soft foods mostly which usually means crock pot meals, slow cooking roasts, soups, chili etc., nourishing foods but nothing you can break a tooth on.

Ralph said...

Eeww--I applaud the civic spirit but I'd be bored pretty fast with soft food. Yeah, I shop every day. Sometimes I'll go through recipes and see what I want to cook, others I'll just see what strikes my fancy at the store. Tonight I'm doing an old standby: fried smoked sausage with pepper and onions and home fries.