Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A quiet day

It's a regular tropical heat wave today, with highs predicted in the 60s, and steady rain. This is quite a difference from the bright, teen-temperature days we've been having lately, days when no matter what I did nor how high I turned up the thermostat, I couldn't get warm. As I write, I'm still in my heavy winter uniform. But I'm comfortable, not feeling constantly chilled. Conditions will change soon enough tomorrow, when this rain could turn to snow. (Or that wonderful mid-Atlantic invention, the "wintry mix.")

I've spent this morning composing a friendly email to the person at the Peace Corps who would know of temporary assignments that might fit my background with the agency, if there are any. I admit to being of two minds about all this, when I get down to brass tacks. Even though I know we need the extra money to pay down debts, and getting out from under constant concern about The Move will do me good, still, I do enjoy this life I'm living now. Even as exciting a place as the Peace Corps must be at the moment with the change in administrations, and as much fun as it would be to see old friends, the idea of having to be in a place every day, doing someone else's bidding, is less than attractive.

Who knows? Maybe nothing will come of this little foray I'm making. But I still really should get a job, for the extra money. I could always cashier at the local supermarket, I guess, but that's even less attractive than office work. At least at the Peace Corps I'd be using my mind on something interesting.....

Just thinking out loud on a gray day....


Linda (SE PA) said...

A flowing, calming commentary - so good for a rainy day. We are sharing the rain as well as warmer temps. Our apartment is usually warm and cozy but in real extreme cold, it is drafty and chilly.

Being at home, I understand your thoughts. It is true when issues are on one's mind, being at home, often keeps us thinking and thinking and worrying. Then, there are the day that are blissful and one enjoys the freedom to choose what to do and when to do it.

I liked working when I liked my job. My last job was part-time with generous paid time-off. Close the office afternoon of Christmas Eve-reopen day after New Years. Early Friday dismissal (for lack of a better word)and sometimes long weekends. I worked right on the outskirt of town which meant early or off time meant a trip to the library or Starbucks. Always could find ways to take that time and enjoy myself.

I miss all of that and those are the "cons" of being at home. I sense that if I wrote a "pro" list it sure would weigh out the "cons".

Ralph said...

Linda, you describe the best parts of my old job, too (except for closing down the week bewteen Xmas and New Yers!) I, too, left early o Fridays, and I also commuted at times (very early) when the trip was a 10-minute breeze. But no matter how great, having to fill that chair every single day regardless of what was going on was a drag. On quiet days, you should be home. Much better doing nothing here than in an office!