Friday, July 4, 2008


Here's a quick and dirty recipe for the holiday. No picture because I just made it up here in Delaware and I have no photo software on this computer. I'll take the picture and post iot next week.

Call it "Red, White and Blue Pie." Make this Fresh Blueberry Pie. but substitute 1 cup pitted fresh Bing cherries for one of the cups of blueberries. Don't cook the cherries as part of the syrup. Just fold them in with the uncooked blueberries.

The "White" comes when you add whipped cream!

And now a silly 4th of July story:

By the time July 4, 1976 and the Bicentennial fireworks extravaganza rolled around, I had come back home and was living in downtown Washington, D.C. To miss this avidly anticipated event was unthinkable, of course, and since I lived right in town it was a matter of mere few blocks' stroll to be at the very heart of the celebrations.

But Riley, my boyfriend at the time, was perenially slow on the uptake, and never slower than at this special time, for some still unfathomable reason. Despite our proximity to all the sights, we arrived so late we'd have had better seats for the fireworks if we'd stayed home and watched them on TV.

I couldn't believe we had botched this incredible opportunity so badly. I made Riley promise he'd be better prepared for the tricentennial.

Happy 4th!


Anonymous said...

What's the pie crust made of?

Ralph said...

Z&M, it's just a basic flour and shortening pie crust. Even store-bought will do, or whatever crust recipe you can find in a cookbook. Just pre-bakc it ("blind baking"--see raspberry tart recipe) so it will stand up to the juice in the fruit.

splendid said...

good one Ralph!
hope your weekend was splendid!

Mim said...

Good pie, delicious..
and good humour about 1976.
Funny stuff.

Ralph said...

Mim and Splendid, that was such a subtle little nudge about the tricentennial I wasn't sure anyone woule even notice it. Thanks for paying attention!