Friday, June 20, 2008


.....not! Sorry, everybody. In the heat of all the company last weekend when I made those snazzy dishes for dinner, I forgot to take any pictures! That meal was going to take me through several Food Fridays and I forgot to take the damn pictures.

And then--I forgot my flash drive, that all-important gadget that carries music and other goodies to put up here when we're in Delaware. So I'm empty today and this whole weekend. I'll make it up when we're back home next week, promise.

It's looking glorious here, a great weekend for the reunion we're so looking forward to. Steve's project today is putting speakers out on the deck so we can listen to music easily outside.

So great to be an outlaw (at least in Virginia) with a genius!


Anonymous said...

All is forgiven. Kat posted a Ghana recipe on her blog and we're trying that for Sunday dinner.

Ralph said...

Z&M, I want to do that one myself, soon!